TODAY   |  July 29, 2013

Mitchell: Clintons not happy about Weiner scandal

Hillary Clinton has reportedly referred to Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife, as being like a daughter, but NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports the Clintons are “not at all happy” to be drawn into the scandal surrounding Weiner’s sexting.

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>> bring in andrea mitchell . good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> as we all know huma abedin , anthony weiner 's wife is very close to hilary clinton . clinton says she is like a daughter. so where are the clintons on all of this? how do they feel about this campaign.

>> they care about her but this is to the point where it's splashing against the clintons. people are making comparisons to the way hilary handled issues in the 1992 campaign and it's only going to reach a further point if he stays in this race. they're not happy. they're loyal to huma but mutual friends are saying why is she letting this happen to hilary clinton .

>> speaking of hilary clinton , she has a lunch today with president obama . you don't know what's on the menu food-wise or otherwise.

>> food-wise or otherwise. they say this is just a catch up. they met three times since she left the cabinet but the timing is auspicious. it's the day when the middle east negotiators are arriving in washington. john kerry made six shuttle trips to the region and finally getting them here. they'll talk about that and egypt blowing up and vladimir putin i suspect. and maybe her opinion about who to put in as the new fed chair. that's a big fight in washington and you can't imagine this conversation taking place without the elephant in the room being addressed which is what do we do about getting weiner out of the race. clinton doesn't want to -- what the hilary clinton supporters don't want to appear is she tries to get him out of the race for herself and is disloyal to huma. that would be worse for her.

>> never a shortage of topics. thank you very much. appreciate