TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

‘Diva’ pro wrestlers talk new E! reality series

Nikki and Brie Bella are two of pro wrestling’s biggest stars, body-slamming their competition in the WWE for the past five years. They talk about their new E! reality series, “Total Divas” which grants an all-access pass to their action-packed lives.

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>>> situation with her husband right now.

>> i did say that out loud, didn't i?

>> what happened?

>> my husband just texted me, and he locked himself out of our hotel room naked.

>> where did he keep the phone?

>> no, he actually texted me when he got back in. so the security had to come and let him in, and he had to stand there like that, which it probably didn't cover anything because my husband's, you know. how embarrassing. how embarrassing. anyway, that's my story. i can't believe you made me tell that.

>> how did he get in touch with anyone?

>> i don't want to say anymore. embarrassed for him.

>> the bella twins are two of wwe's biggest stars.

>> they've been body slamming the competition for years.

>> now we get an all access pass in and out of the range with the new reality series total divas. as professional wrestlers , what's your job?

>> not only to look good, but to kick girls' butts in the ring.

>> that's right.

>> how did you get into professional wrestling ? as a little girl , did you watch wrestling? were you fans? how do you wind up in the ring?

>> were you fighters basically?

>> we are twins.

>> we were born lovers and fighters.

>> we've been fighting since the womb, and one thing is we've always been a tag team, but i think we always wrestled each other growing up. with wwe divas , we were like --

>> can i say you are every guy's fantasy right now.

>> double trouble.

>> yes. so you guys are identical twins. how are you different?

>> there's a few things.

>> quite a few.

>> i have my own set of twin magic, what i like to call it. i guess i'm curvier.

>> you're meaner.

>> i am not. my personality is just a little more spicier. when you get to know us, we're honestly night and day . you can totally tell us apart.

>> when you get into the ring with each other, whether public publicly or privately, who wins?

>> me.

>> is that right, bree? you can tell them the truth.

>> nicky always wins.

>> look at that.

>> she always wins.

>> i don't want to mess with you two ladies.

>> tell us about the show. why did you choose to have your life put on television?

>> basically, "total divas" is about our life inside and outside of the ring. it was very nerve-racking to do this.

>> you don't really believe this, do you?

>> there's an injury there. you're beautiful women. i'm not convinced.

>> you don't think they can do it.

>> have you going to slam him on the floor?

>> you'll have to watch "total divas."

>> you got an issue?

>> what are you going to do? you're a woman. what are you going to do?

>> this is what i'm going to do?

>> is that a hammer lock ?

>> that is the hammer lock .

>> oh, willie.

>> that's right.