TODAY   |  July 25, 2013

How often are fliers kicked off planes?

According to the FAA, it doesn’t happen as often as you think, with 129 people removed from planes in 2012, an all-time low. The TODAY anchors look into what behavior might warrant a passenger being removed from a flight.

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>> times," getting the boot. how often do you think something like this happens? we'll always love you

>> remember her? she was removed from an american airlines plane from l.a. to new york last may because she would not stop singing "i will always love you." she got the boot for being disruptive interfering with the flight crew . we like to report these incidents, especially when they come with video, but it doesn't happen as often as you think. according to the faa, the number of unruly passengers forced to leave planes was actually at an all time low last year, just 129. what will actually get you kicked off? a lot of consumer advocates say it isn't clear. it should be clear. a flight industry manager said it's communicating displeasure through voice tone or rude gesture, provoking argument or making demands. or singing whitney houston .

>> you kind of know when you've crossed over the line that you're doing something that could get you taken off the plane.

>> it's the flight attendants that have to make that decision. they're like the first responders.

>> and there's flight attendants who don't want to serve alcohol on planes, like sporting events , because people become unruly.

>> they already come with a baseline when they get on the plane.

>> dealing with flight anxiety.