TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Howie Mandel reveals his favorite ‘Talent’

Comedian Howie Mandel and his fellow “America’s Got Talent” judge Mel B. chat about the show’s latest season and reveal their favorite acts so far.

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>>> america's got talent brought it's a-game to radio city music hall broadcasting live with singers, dancers and variety acts competing for the $1 million prize. but performance caught judge howie mandell's eye. check it out. [ music playing ]

>> by far the best act of the night so far. great entertaining.

>> yeah.

>> they were brilliant and athletic and i was so impressed. almost as impressed as i am that this young lady is sitting here today looking so beautiful and so refreshed.

>> explain that? you were in trouble last night. the two of you --

>> taf show, the show continued.

>> we went for a night cap .

>> i invited you back to my hotel for a night cap . i left and she was still capping.

>> i was for a little bit. i think i finished at 2:30.

>> 2:30. wow.

>> yes, i have no idea where i am right now.

>> does everyone come to that? heidi.

>> yes, i invited heidi and mel back to the hotel for a night cap .

>> you didn't even tell howard this was going on.

>> heidi klum and mel b. are sitting there and you say would you like to come back to the hotel. do you need howard?

>> do you see what i deal with all the time.

>> first live show yesterday. what was that like?

>> amazing. energetic and exciting. radio city music hall . it's entertainment, it's iconic. you live here, you're probably jaded but new york city , that audience.

>> wasn't it? it was great.

>> and the acts were fun.

>> they were.

>> what was your favorite mel .

>> i liked the five young girls, the fresh faces.

>> i didn't like them. it was like a dance recital . when the teleprompter says thanks for coming. is it over.

>> i want to talk about my other show too.

>> you're on it.

>> she's on it.

>> we have a clip of that show.

>> can i describe it. deal with it we put hidden cameras in a place and we call somebody in like a restaurant, we'll call one of the patrons back and say do you want to be on a game show . all you have to do is listen to mel or some other celebrity. if you want to do it, you win money. if you don't want to do it but in this clip, mel b. sees a lady sitting with her husband and she gives her the ear piece and the wife has no idea she is on a game show .

>> you saw her eating the chips.

>> i told him to tell her to stop eating the chips.

>> $500. watch this.

>> grab the bowl of chips and just throw them.

>> you need to stop eating the chips.

>> look at her face. look at her face.

>> did you really just do that right now.

>> uh-huh.

>> she is getting up.

>> she is done.

>> if you can't get her to stay the game is over.

>> jordan. jordan.

>> it really is fun.

>> he won money to pay for the legal bills.

>> there you go.

>> so there's a good and bad.

>> howie, always good to see you.

>> 10:30 tonight, 9:30 central.