TODAY   |  July 24, 2013

Can Anthony Weiner survive politically?

Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein and NBC’s Chuck Todd discuss the latest scandal involving Anthony Weiner and sexting, as well as his wife’s decision to stand by him through it all.

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>>> chuck todd . truth is there's the psychological and political here so we need both of you, jen let's start with you. the question for voters, even, is is this somebody who can control himself because the behavior suggests perhaps not.

>> right, that's a really important question and clearly we see therapy. they mention that they went to therapy. there is something that is addictive about his personality. it's a sex addiction in some way. we have to look at what is his behavior doing with his emotional state and how are those impulses managing emotion and can we trust he can control it in a bigger environment.

>> is something special about a person that could face the most humiliating of resignations over something like sexting and then continue to do it.

>> there's something entitled about a person that can do it. i did it once and i got away with it. i can keep going. and to me, that's the question, can can we trust that he'll be humble enough to accept mistakes.

>> people are interested in political wives that stand by their men. huma abedin is a shrewd political operative with a ton of experience. were you surprised at the lengths she went to defend her husband and be part of this come pain.

>> if you want to look at past scandals and the wives that don't just stand by their man but speak up for their man, two jump out at me, hilary clinton that spoke up for bill clinton in '92 and '98 and saved him twice ploliticallpolitically. and then wendy when her husband survived the prostitution scandal . you wonder if that had an impact on voters. remember, huma works for hilary clinton . is that her political role model? is that where she is getting her advice? we know what hilary clinton did in the same situation.

>> but it seems like what huma is saying is voters you can trust him because i have forgiven him. is this enabling behavior on her part?

>> it could be. we don't noah work they have done behind closed doors . clearly they have worked on it together and it will help him.

>> an interesting discussion. thank you