TODAY   |  July 22, 2013

New paparazzi problems for Kanye West

Rob Shuter of the Huffington Post tells TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Carson Daly about the latest Hollywood headlines, including the much-anticipated birth of the royal baby and more problems for Kanye West after a scuffle with the paparazzi.

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>>> we're back with today's buzz. we catch you up on all the hollywood gossip you may have missed over the weekend.

>> from kanye 's confrontation. he got in another fight. that's 2 in 48 hours .

>> to the future of "glee." here is naughty but nice rob.

>> since he's british.

>> you must know more! tell us your information. what do you know?

>> i know nothing.

>> what do you know?

>> there's no news. there's nothing to say. we're just waiting.

>> is this normal? this is how it's done over there?

>> absolutely. we're taking the day off work today. my mother called in sick.

>> wait, look.

>> what are people doing in and around london? are they celebrating? are they in pubs?

>> they are out on the streets. this has become a tourist attraction . people are going by the hospital. justin timberlake was in london a few weeks ago and he stopped by the hospital.

>> are people more excited in the states or in britain?

>> equally excited. the brits are going nuts, americans are going nuts. we won't know until, obviously, the baby --

>> is it going to be a boy or girl ?

>> a girl.

>> and the queen is the first to know. we can't know until the queen knows.

>> they'll put at easel out which is they'll put the birth certificate in there and then what else, twitter?

>> the press were notified by an e-mail at 7:30 she'd gone into early e-mail. we didn't ever do that before. they now have a twitter account.

>> what does the queen think about these kids stepping into the social media and all?

>> i think she's figured out this is a world that's changing and she's a cool lady and a very smart lady. she's been on the throne a very long time. she get house things have changed. if it is a girl, there have been 58 kings of england . only eight queens. let's hope for a little girl .

>> let's go on to kanye west . he got into another kerfuffle.

>> a tussle at the airport with a photographer. when you come off the airplane and you are kanye west , there are going to be a lot of photographers there waiting. he said, get out of my face. i don't want to have to pay you money if i get in trouble and then he got in trouble.

>> how much is he getting baited? we see him fighting but are they provoking anything?

>> why can't we talk to you?

>> a week ago he told the paparazzi in new york don't talk to me. don't talk to anyone ever.

>> i think they do bait him a little bit. photographers got in to a tussle is the same photographer that britney spears attacked with that umbrella.

>> same person?

>> wow. probably a little pushy. probably --

>> oh, this turned into a whole thing. oh, no i did not know.

>> kanye choked him out with a belt hold.

>> and the police are involved now. the photographer filed a police report . now the police are involved. kanye could get in a lot of trouble for this. this is not good for him.

>> tell us about "glee."

>> they spoke about what's going to happen there. the first two episodes will be a beatles tribute show. the third show will deal with the tragic news, the character is going to be passing away on the show.

>> how they're going to do that? use previous footage?

>> i think they'll talk about an accident or something that happens and we won't see it but they were talking about whether they should recast the part. they said they didn't want to do that.

>> how is lea michele going to reshoot that. they said if you want to quit the show, or leave. they've taken her lead.

>> a lot of shows have dealt with the passing of someone. i remember when john ritter passed away . they used like a framed picture of him and sort of pushed in. they didn't make a --

>> imagine how hard it is for the staff to go, let's talk about work here and --

>> they are going to have therapists on the set for the first two weeks.

>> i think she's been really strong through this. supported him in rehab. up in bc, leading the way with all the plans that need to be made.

>> she's involved in every step of this process. they wouldn't do anything that would make her uncomfortable.

>> we did reach out to kanye 's people and we have not heard back.