TODAY   |  July 17, 2013

Jeff Garlin: My new film is completely improvised

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” actor Jeff Garlin wrote, directed and stars in the new movie “Dealing With Idiots,” and tells Kathie Lee and Hoda he only wrote a 20-page outline for the project. He told the actors what each scene was to be about and let them be creative in their roles.

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>>> we're back. and jeff garlin --

>> don't talk! don't talk! don't talk!

>> you read your own introduction.

>> you know, i'm best known to audiences as larry david 's feisty funny manager in the acclaimed hbo series " curb your enthusiasm ."

>> now what have you done?

>> i have written, directed, and i star in a movie that many, i think all parents can relate to.

>> what's it called?

>> "dealing with idiots." it's about little leaguers and big league headaches caused by their parents.

>> just think people are weird. they are weird. tell you another little secret, she's a bit weird, i'm a bit weird. you've got weird parents. you're not weird yet. you're too young to be weird.

>> i don't want you to think all grownups are insane.

>> actually, they are all insane. don't trust anybody over the age of --

>> 22.

>> no, actually, 10.

>> this movie is so much fun. it was so many of my favorite actors, your ensemble is amazing, fred willard .

>> fred willard . by the way, no offense to the rest of the cast, but you say i have fred willard , i'm done.

>> it's over. every time the man opens his mouth, it's funny.

>> gold.

>> you've written, directed, you star in it, is this something that took a lot of work writing, a lot of ad lib on the set, or what's happening?

>> actually, both. i took a lot of time writing a 20-page outline. the whole movie is improvised. none of the actors saw a script and i told them before the scene what the scene was about and what their character feels and thinks during the scene.

>> that's my idea of heaven.

>> no lines to learn.

>> no lines. you can just be so free.

>> if you have -- if you have the skill to improvise, it's great.

>> and you chose people that do.

>> i chose the great people.

>> why did you choose nia as your wife?

>> because i love her. she 's wonderful . is that a good answer?

>> if you're going to spend time with people, you want your friends around.

>> you want your friends around. and i'm friends with pretty much everybody in the movie.

>> is anybody's life better than your life, and i didn't even know you until now.

>> i think hugh hefner . not currently, though at his age i'd like to have the same life, but i think his life has been pretty good.

>> you think?

>> other than hugh hefner , no one.

>> why are you wearing a camera around your neck?

>> because i love to take -- ha-ha!

>> pictures of cue balls.

>> i have a film camera . i love taking pictures, and to me, this point of view, who gets a picture of this? i've got now --

>> everyone at home.

>> i know, but no one -- yeah, they get through the camera, but i'm right here.

>> you are right here.

>> it's thrilling, isn't it?

>> it is thrilling. don't belittle yourself. i am thrilled. i'm never going on the earlier part of the "today" show. i will only come here.

>> yes, yes, and start a trend! why waste your time on the first three hours?

>> why? why? stop talking! stop talking! by the way, they don't bother me as much as they bother him, but even i know, just keep walking.

>> kanye.

>> right.

>> and when they put their camera down, i go hi, guys, nice to see you, every time. what the hell is going on here? can i just say, that is something nobody at home needed. nobody at home needed that at all.

>> give him one more.

>> all right. you want me to do the stop talking. now i figured it out. they are a little late in the booth. that's all i got to say. that might have been funny at the top.

>> all right. "dealing with idiots," your great movie, opens in new york today and los angeles on july 9th .

>> can you please stay for the rest of the show?

>> by the way, let me also say it's on itunes, amazon, ondemand at the same time, so when they are done watching your show, they can watch my movie immediately.

>> so it's ondemand?

>> and the theaters, both. everywhere you look.

>> is that why you gave us a screener, you don't really give a rip who sees it?

>> i gave a screener because you said it meant everything to me. stop talking.

>> we love ya .

>> you stick around, please, the whole show. you don't got anywhere else to go, you know it.