TODAY   |  July 12, 2013

San Franciscans battle over bacon restaurant

A restaurant with a menu built around bacon has been temporarily shut down due to complaints from neighbors about the bacon aroma, but now fans of the eatery are fighting back, campaigning for it to be reopened. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> some people living near a restaurant in san francisco devoted entirely to bacon did not like living so close to the smell and their complaints actually shut the restaurant down. but as mike explains, fans of the restaurant and it's owner have fought back. mike, good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah. maybe you can't fight city hall but you can fight in city hall and that's where the great bacon wars have been headed since may when the fat hit the fire over a restaurant called bacon bacon .

>> reporter: san francisco 's haight district still has some throw backs. it gives off the vibe that anything goes. anything except this. he decided he could build a menu and whole business around bacon . bacon in a variety of forms. in jams in bouquets, 300 pounds of bacon cooked each day but some neighbors started aiming formal complaints to city hall , questioning the restaurants permits but mostly complaining about the smell.

>> the pungent bacon smell.

>> the campaign by one neighbor got ugly.

>> he compared me to al capone and a bank robber .

>> then it shut down. it got weird. more than 3,000 petition signatures supporting the restaurant. him complaining on youtube. facebook fan posting i love bacon . i miss the smell. bacon bacon shall rise again. then saturday night live.

>> a restaurant in fransisco called bacon bacon has been ordered to close after neighbors complained about the overwhelming smell of bacon and it's going to be tricky to walk up to a cop and complain that something smells like bacon .

>> finally the wall street journal weighed in quoting a sensory evaluation expert saying the amino acid and sugar produce a nice smell but also a sour smell. something like paint or cardboard. pro bacon voices.

>> the smell, the taste, the atmosphere in there because everybody is so excited about the food.

>> we live across the street. people that are coming from other areas, they don't have to endure this.

>> and finally, hugs for the winners.

>> i was brought to tears today. the support of your neighborhood to come out for you is awesome.

>> ready to bring out the bacon again before summer's end.

>> now, i don't know about bacon jam but i hear you can even get a bacon milkshake or bacon scented cologne. if you're looking for a club sandwich , there's a joint about to reopen with a new filtration and exhaust system, probably by september.

>> bacon , bacon lives. mike, thank