TODAY   |  July 11, 2013

Cool summer gadgets, gear under $50

Lifestyle expert Megan Meany of Megan’s Must Haves shows off a collection of fun summer items, including nautical tanks and an insulated wine cooler.

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>>> when you are a kid, no time like the summer for having fun . as you grow up, summer doesn't necessarily have the same meaning.

>> here to help you bring that fun back is megan from megan's must hey, girl.

>> how are you, ladies.

>> happy summer.

>> finally.

>> what are you sporting?

>> i'm sporting the nautical tank of the season from joe fresh. only $29. anything i put out as a must have is something that i'm usually wearing or eating or giving to my kids. i've gotten a lot of use out of this. great when you have the last-minute barbecue. nautical is always in. summer is the time to pull it out. it's a low end price tag.

>> what sarah.

>> sara has on the sutra tank. assume the position , yoga queen.

>> i was still wearing my heavy sandex for my workout in summer. you feel ten pounds heavier in your lululemon. this is a light cotton t-shirt tee. you'll not sweat any extra. you'll feel lighter for your workout. comes in three colors.

>> look at this baby with the shades.

>> oh. this is the shadee. a little extra piece of mind . when you think you can't go out with your newborn.

>> the sun is dangerous for newborns.

>> i love that.

>> it velcros right on her bax. and can go over virtually any carrier.

>> all right. how many times has your purse fallen off your shoulder. you are running through the airport. your bag is loaded and it's doing this. how annoying. check out the purse gummy. a very smart lady came up with these little silicone strips that can go on your purse to give it a little extra security. so, you know, you aren't knocking over little kids or --

>> all right. what else you got.


>> everybody needs a hat for traveling that's crushable and still looks good when you pull it out of the bag. this is from apartment 9. it's only $15 at kohl's.

>> that's going home with mama.

>> and the little pyramid detail.

>> you guys look awesome.

>> look at this. this is an ad for this hat.

>> but if i wear this in italy, george clooney won't know it's me.

>> $15 on sale. the pumpinator. i was so sick of buying barbie dolls for birthday presents. i bought this and it pumps up water balloons . it comes with like 200 balloons inside. watch out, ladies. it's all fired up and literally you just --

>> you fill it with water?

>> you fill it with water. you can always use air.

>> we've sprung a leak.

>> $14.99. my kids have played with this literally every day.

>> and we're all wet.

>> we have about 30 seconds.

>> something tells me you might like this. it's called the wine'o. a thermal bag for your wine. it's under ten bucks. and if you run out of lotion, how cute are these? i love the form and function for your house. turn your bottles upside down on the counter and you get the last amount. and a little sea wonder ice cream maker . chill the ingredients. comes with a little book of what to make. you turn the on button on right here. you have homemade ice cream . 49 bucks.

>> peanut butter or baloney sandwiches