TODAY   |  July 08, 2013

Newest kitchen gadgets put to the test

Sarah Humphreys of Real Simple shares the magazine’s new list of the handiest, sturdiest, and snazziest kitchen tools you won’t want to cook without, including a lightweight can opener and a highly efficient citrus juicer.

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>> oh it, it it can core an apple.

>> i will core an apple the old fashioned way and see how slow it takes me and you will do it the modern way and we'll see how fast it is. there, i am through.

>> who can forget that famous scene from "the honeymooners," if you get stage fright in the kitchen, there are some new gadgets that help you cook like a celebrity chef . we're about to test-drive some for you.

>> sarah humphreys, executive editor of " real simple " is here to orchestrate the ultimate kitchen road test . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you guys looked at over 400 different -- gadgets.

>> 400 gadgets to find out which ones actually save you time and effort.

>> let's get to it.

>> >> we use every day. can opener.

>> we were just talking about this. the great thing about this can opener, they now open the whole top off as opposed to just the lid. and this was the most intuitive. snap it on. and turn.

>> just turn the whole deal.

>> works on any size can. and the great thing about this, too --

>> the whole top comes off.

>> not fishing it out. and then it's here. and unsnap it and drop in the trash. zylus.

>> fantastic.

>> and very cheap.

>> 10 it is.

>> next, the turkey baseter, we are all need. great thing, it's ergonomic. we love the shape. the bulb is less bulbis, and comes with these attachments, almost like a vacuum. so you can baste and brush. it's long so you can reach around, especially a big bird . excuse me. to baste. so it's great. if you want to try --

>> also good tore barbecuing.

>> absolutely.

>> not bad. salad spinners next.

>> we had a real debate in the kitchen about the salad spinners. some people like the string pull. the great thing about this, it's really sturdy construction and really fast. and then it stops on a dime. so it gets your greenses incredible, incredible dry. which is really nice.

>> that's zylus.

>> yes, it is. crispy lettuce.

>> now you need to get some citrus, get some lime juice out.

>> this is a gadget, more of a machine. do you feel how heavy these things are? so this is the chef juicer. what you want to do, it gets 20% more juice out. cut-side down. that's the trick. rind side up. and then use a little he bow grease.

>> oh, wow. oh, that is great.

>> that's not a bad tip.

>> baster. two in one.

>> good one. measuring cups.

>> this one points for cuteness. really small, oxo, great for small amounts of oil or honey, things like that. it goes right into the dishwasher, in any nook and cranny.

>> or that salad.

>> we'll go light with the oil.

>> what's the advantage of that over a regular shape?

>> if you're using a big pyrex measuring dish, it's a waste. and this fits in a drawer.

>> the kids like to play with them.

>> right.

>> and we all need a good ice cream scoop.

>> you can take this one. a classic sgh-roll ice cream scoop, used across ice cream parlors all over the nation.

>> what makes it so good?

>> the scoop. and antifreeze solution safe inside. see how perfect that is?

>> lovely.

>> anti freeze inside?

>> safe anti freeze inside which helps get the scoop through the ice cream .

>> unbelievable.

>> delicious. revolutionary, dare i say.

>> sometimes the most simple and great. we love this one the best, for sure.

>> something therapeutic about scooping out a perfectly round ball of ice cream .

>> good stuff. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.

>>> as natalie polishes off this entire drum of ice cream , kathie lee and hoda catch up next with kris jenner .

>>> and the newest member of