TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

5 ‘pitcher-perfect’ summer drinks

On a hot summer day, few things are more refreshing than an ice-cold beverage. Maureen Petrosky, drinks columnist for, shares some delicious drinks that are perfect for serving at a summer party.

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>>> it is a good, long holiday weekend to invite friends and family over. that's where the drinks come in.

>> the party doesn't stop here.

>> right, maria is here with a cold one for all ages and yes we placed mel in front of the one drink that has booze in it.

>> let's get wasted.

>> you have a tai chi going on.

>> they're perfect because you have to enjoy the party and not have to make drinks and they look great too. we have one easy. we did a cold press. that's the perfect thing to use. people only use it for coffee but you can use it for tea too and then soy milk . you can pour these right into here.

>> that doesn't look good though.

>> that looks like baby milk .

>> it's a little sweet. so it's a good -- it's a trick. it's a trick pitcher.

>> there we go.

>> there you go. you can taste that one. that's your favorite right there. it's a spin on a traditional iced tea .

>> it's quite good. it's really good. do you want to try one.

>> you have to taste. soy is a great alternative if you want to be lactose free too.

>> it's not bad.

>> it's not bad.

>> no alcohol yet.

>> and sparkling sweet tea . it's a southern staple but it can be too sweet for some of us. cut it with water or club soda .

>> take red sweet tea and mix it with that.

>> we're cutting it in half.

>> how many calories is this.

>> well, half the calories. you're taking away half. so it's more refreshing.

>> great and what about leaf-wise.

>> do you like that one.

>> i like sweet tea .

>> is that too sweet for you.

>> yeah, now alcohol just for you.

>> i'm not an alcoholic by the way.

>> this is our fresh basil and when you use fresh herbs it's great. so we're going to crumble it to get the flavor to come out.

>> what's in there already?

>> a honey syrup. simple syrup but we made it with honey. and bitters is the salt and pepper of drink makers.

>> sure.

>> i'm going to muddle this and that's fresh lemon juice .

>> all of it?

>> always used fresh squeezed lemon juice . this is the pineapple honey vodka.

>> oh. now we're talking.

>> it smells so --

>> i tell you.

>> you do one, i'll do one.

>> okay.

>> here's our pineapple honey vodka and then you see we poured it into our glasses. this is beautiful basil.

>> that looks lovely.

>> this is topped off with a little club soda .

>> and you too.

>> you're the only one drinking vodka so early in the morning .

>> it's a refreshing cocktail. isn't that a great summer cocktail.

>> that's very sweet though.

>> too sweet for you.

>> a bit too sweet.