TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

Can you be too old to wear a bikini?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and guest anchor Mel B. chat about the topics making headlines today, including whether there should be an age cutoff for wearing bikinis.

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>>> hour. i'm willie geist along with mel b back for a second day.

>> i'm back.

>> the first day went well enough we had you back. we couldn't because of the holiday weekend.

>> stop it, willie.

>> the great, great, mel b. but we are dripping in music super stars . john mayer outside.

>> how great is that.

>> mel b inside.

>> what do you like?

>> i like hip hop a lot.

>> you do?

>> yeah.

>> doesn't look like it.

>> i grew up across the river in new jersey.

>> i was in new jersey yesterday.

>> what did you think about it.

>> i loved it. the fireworks were incredible. i was at my friend's house. gorgeous guy, gorgeous wife, gorgeous family. great food. i loved it.

>> did you watch the fireworks on the hudson river .

>> yes i did.

>> wasn't it incredible? what did you do.

>> it was sad. my family was three hours away. i would have come if i had been invited to the throw down as i usually am every year. no but i'm going to race out after this very show and see my family.

>> that's nice.

>> a solitary 4th of july .

>> did you watch the fireworks.

>> i did. i thought usher did a great job. you couldn't see it live but at he put on great music.

>> he curated it.

>> i have to ask you what you think about the royal baby situation. prince william , kate.

>> the british people are obsessed with the royals.

>> are they?

>> yeah, why not.

>> with this baby in particular.

>> yes, for sure.

>> what's your feeling on the pomp and circumstance . the royal wedding , the 60th, the jubilee for the queen.

>> i love it. i'm british so i'm all about my royals and they just, you know -- what can you not like about them? let's put it that way.

>> they do seem to be handling all of this well, don't they?

>> yes, very classy and elegant.

>> this is one of her dresses. i had to get it.

>> anyone whose baby arrives the same day as will and kate's gets a coin from the royal mint .

>> don't you think that's dangerous? you're going to have people getting c sections or inducing themselves.

>> hit me with the pitocin doc.

>> let's get this going.

>> nuts.

>> when are you too old to rock a bikini. you can rock a bikini and we'll see it in a second but there's a woman that was told her string bikini was inappropriate.

>> she doesn't look inappropriate at all.

>> she went to the water park on tuesday with her family but the staff asked her to cover up or leave. here's what she told our affiliate.

>> she looks great.

>> when there's, you know, 16 and 18 year old girls wearing just the same amount and no one is criticizing them or making them feel ashamed or uncomfortable in their bodies. it's summertime. it's a swimming pool . i'm wearing a swimming suit .

>> yes, she also posted a picture of herself in a bikini.

>> look she has an ample size bussom.

>> she does.

>> that's not inappropriate.

>> that's not what i was expecting to see. i thought she would not look good. she looks fine.

>> do you rock the boxers or the speedos.

>> the boxers.

>> not the speedos.

>> you don't want that.

>> they're hot.

>> you are european aren't you.

>> yeah, that's what it is.

>> we tried to get come menlts from the city which runs the pool but didn't hear back from them. they said there was no decision against them. it was pool management that decided it was inappropriate.

>> that's terrible.

>> if you feel good in it wear a bikini. you're not bothering me.

>> some people shouldn't. they should stick to a one piece.

>> that's true but it's not my place.

>> as long as you feel confident it is what it is.

>> let it all hang out. this gets us to the reason we really did this segment. those aren't like workout abs, those are body building abs.

>> yea, i did go a little bit too far that time. i had my own show in vegas so i was doing like a dance workout for three hours per night so i got ripped. i'm not like that anymore. it's a bit more softer now. my baby is one and a half.

>> i think you're doing okay. are those air brushed on.

>> are you looking?

>> well, you gesture there and i thought it was part of the analysis of the segment. they're under there somewhere.

>> yeah, they are. six pack somewhere.

>> it's more like a keg at this point.

>> how long have you been married.

>> ten years as of a month ago. may 24th .

>> how do you keep that fresh and alive. i'm seven years.

>> seven years? you have to have time away from your children. i mean that in the best way. go on trips, go on dates once aweek.

>> you do that? i do that with my husband too.

>> then not everything is about chasing the baby. you can look at each other in the eye and catch up.

>> that's what you're going to do tonight.

>> i'm going to drive right out there.

>> good. isn't he a nice guy .

>> this is strange, single but the wedding dress is bought.

>> 10% of single women have already chosen their wedding dress .

>> i find that a little bit borderline psycho. why? if you haven't met the love of your life yet, why do you already have your wedding dress ?

>> 37% of those women haven't just picked it out, they have bought the dress.

>> no, you don't want to meet one of those women.

>> if you go on a date and you get to her house and there's a wedding dress in the closet, get out.

>> that's not a good sign.

>> 37% admitted their advanced wedding planning scared off a partner.

>> i can understand if the wedding dress is on sale. bargain is bargain. you don't want to say that to the person you're dating. not too soon anyway.

>> not on the first date. do you want to see my wedding dress . did you plan ahead of time on the wedding?

>> well, i was in vegas first just me and my husband, nobody else and then we had a massive wedding in egypt with all of our family and friends .

>> i think we have pictures of that. it was a massive beautiful wedding.

>> look at you.

>> i look like a meraneg. be honest.

>> how did you choose that one.

>> it was made for me. it made me look like a princess. that's what every girl wants to look like.

>> you look fantastic.

>> i don't really. you can be honest.

>> no, you look great. you never look bad.

>> liar, liar.

>> what was the vegas look.

>> jeans and a cap. very low key .

>> did you go to the wedding chapel and do the whole thing.

>> the white house that everybody goes to, yeah.

>> did you really?

>> yeah. i felt like a bit of a rebel. mom wasn't there. his mom wasn't there.

>> then you brought everybody to egypt .

>> exactly. egypt of all places.

>> this is the next one. i practice this. a lot of people do. how to say good-bye at a party. it's called ghosting. they're advising readers to start ghosting. it's leaving an event without saying good-bye.

>> i do that.

>> i call it an irish good-bye where you just sort of drift out the side door and it's over. don't you think when you're at a party you look at the room full of people, all of who you like very much and it will take a full hour to get out of here.

>> i like to make an entrance when i say hi to everybody. i don't want to make an entrance to leave. it's a bit of a debbie downer . the party's not good enough now. i'm off.

>> but i think you thank the host quickly and sneak out.

>> my husband does that.

>> you're already in the car and gone.

>> look at this lovely lady.

>> i just ghosted in.

>> looking at this lovely lady.