TODAY   |  July 01, 2013

Wendy Davis: Rick Perry’s words ‘demean’ his office

Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Wendy Davis, the Texas state legislator whose 11-hour filibuster prevented a vote on a controversial abortion law, are engaged in a war of words as Perry calls another special session to hold a vote on the measure. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>> round two of an intense fight over abortion gets underway here in texas . governor rick perry called another special session so state lawmakers can vote on a measure stopped in part by a high profile filibuster. janet has this story.

>> good morning. after wendy davis derailed the abortion bill and became an overnight sensation in the process, they'll be back at it today and both sides are promising we won't back down.

>> we will fight as we begin the session again on monday.

>> wendy davis appeared on meet the press sunday. poised and ready for round two.

>> even if this bill passes, obviously there will be challenges to it going forward.

>> you're already seeing wendy davis 's filibuster as a cry for democrats not only in texas but around the country.

>> she was thrust into the national spotlight last week.

>> i'm rising on the floor today.

>> following an epic 11 hour filibuster that helped prevent a vote that would have closed most abortion clinics in texas .

>> taking this choice away from these women is gut wrenching and wrong.

>> access to abortion care.

>> now we got two of them --

>> and on.

>> and on. filibuster rules preventing her to break or even sit but eventually it wasn't her own voice but support from protestors, so loud the vote was stalled. davis in her pink sneakers became an internet senation. governor perry's attacks got personal.

>> she was a teenage mother herself. she managed to graduate from harvard law school and serve in the texas senate . it's just unfortunate that she hasn't learned from her own example.

>> i think some of the comments that he made really demeaned the high office that he holds.

>> early speculation suggests this may be just the first between davis and perry.

>> this is not the last we have heard from wendy davis . you can expect her to be a statewide candidate at some point.

>> they expect this bill will eventually pass but serious debate on it could be put off until after the 4th of july .