TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Empty nester starts new chapter with new look

A Swedish mom reclaims the beautiful blonde look of her youth, and an empty nester who’s dreamed of winning a makeover gets plucked off the plaza by stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin.

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>>> we're back with more on this thirsty thursday. ready to reveal the ambush makeovers. they started the morning hot and sticky.

>> they were swept out of the heat and into our hair and makeup areas by our experts, luis lacari, la, la, la, la. and editor for "people" style watch and author and author jill martin.

>> love her.

>> so frizzy, bad hair weather.

>> talk about a bad hair day . this was the epitome of a day that everyone needs help.

>> all of us.

>> all hair issues.

>> hardly.

>> so donna hannock is 55 years old. she's an empty nester . she's finally ready to focus on herself. she begged us to give her a new life and start this chapter in her life.

>> donna is flipping out because you watch every week. now it's you.

>> i know. i am so excited. i want my hair to get rid of this length and this drag. so i need a change.

>> new york city glam is what you isn't.

>> that would be great. what do you think about this for your sister?

>> i am ecstatic. i am just thrilled. this is something she's wanted to do. i didn't know it but when we decided to come to new york with our mother, she said i want to go to the makeover. i want to see if i can get on. so this is why she wanted to come.

>> all right. you were picked. hooray.

>> i'm so excited. i can't believe it. i can't believe it's happened.

>> how exciting. she's here with her sister carrie and their mom marie. please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is donna before. don donna , let's see the new you.

>> wow. all right. are you ready, ladies? take off your blindfold.

>> oh, my!

>> you look beautiful.

>> are you ready to see yourself? turn right around.

>> who is that?

>> you look great.

>> turn right around. look right there. tell us about the hair.

>> first, how sweet is this story that you watch every week. we love you, number one. first her hair. we camouflaged the high forehead with the bangs. big tip. brought the hair up a little shorter. much shorter, actually, to make the texture look thicker.

>> you made her a red head .

>> well, a soft, warm brown, i would say.

>> what do mom and sister think?

>> she looks beautiful. can't believe it.

>> jill, tell us about the dress.

>> london times . we love red for summer. i just love this asymmetrical a-line. it's a very sexy alternative to strapless. if you want to cover your arms.

>> absolutely.

>> a big round of applause for donna .

>> you can join your family, donna . nice job.

>> all the way from stockholm, sweden is annika . she's 48. she washes her face and throws her hair in a ponytail. she was excited for a chance to glam it up a bit. let's listen to her story.

>> visiting from sweden. so this is a treat.

>> yes.

>> are you excited for your mom?

>> yeah, of course.

>> what do you think of all of this? i know this is a little bit of a surprise.

>> very exciting. i'm real excited.

>> do you have a perfect look? some way you want to look?

>> i don't know. yeah, fresh.

>> i think we can handle that. are you ready to see a whole new mom?

>> yeah.

>> why is it that all swedish people speak beautiful english and we can't speak one word of swedish. she's here with her beautiful daughter jenny. let's take one last look at annika before and bring back the new annika .

>> okay. right there, annika .

>> jenny, you want to take a look at your mom.

>> oh, my god!

>> you look gorgeous, annika . turn around and see yourself in the mirror.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> she knows how to say that in english!

>> you look gorgeous.

>> okay. i made annika into the blond she was as a child. then this great haircut. she wanted to leave it on the longer side. we added some waves and then, of course, the soft makeup with the heavy lash to give her a glamorous look.

>> will that be easy for her to keep?

>> this will be very easy for her to keep. she can even just put in braids and there dry and she'll have this look.

>> what do you think, jenny?

>> she looks amazing.

>> tell us about the outfit.

>> maggie london wrap dress . throw a cardigan over it, boot this is a great wrap dress .

>> good job, everybody.

>> come back out, donna .

>> julie will tell you how to keep the sand off of you and in the