TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Achoo! What your sneeze says about you

Have you ever thought about the way you sneeze? It turns out it can be a surprising personality indicator. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports on the secrets of the sneeze.

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>>> it could be a surprising personality indicator. today's jenna wolfe is here with more on that.

>> a lot of science behind this one. it may sound bizarre. there are thousands of ways to determine what kind of person you are, what category you fall into, hobbies, favorite animals, tv shows . but sneezing? some experts say it's not all that ridiculous. maybe you atchum or apchkiki. we all do it the world round. search the word sneeze on youtube and there goes your afternoon.

>> sneezing is an involuntary action which you can voluntarily control.

>> in ancient times sneezes were seen as divine signs and some cultures considered sneezing a purge of evil spirits . animals do it. kids. presidents.

>> i'm sorry.

>> reporter: it's even inspired a song i keep sneezing achoo

>> the way you sneeze reflects your personality. it tells you who you are.

>> reporter: you can divide sneezers into two categories says dr. alan hirsch of the smell & taste treatment foundation. one is the projector.

>> they tend to view they are in control of their life and are natural leaders.

>> it goes something like this. on the flip side , now that's a restrictive sneeze.

>> those who have more restrictive sneezes have control externally.

>> patty wood a body language expert goes a step further. she's developed the achoo i.q. with benadryl analyzing four different sneeze personalities like the influencer, loud and dramatic.

>> the influencer is a really energetic person. they want to have fun. it's going to be achoo. achoo. achoo. highly dramatic. they're the most likely to smile or laugh after the sneeze.

>> you also have the driver. they're big but fast and efficient.

>> the driver personality types likes to get things done and then move on. i've got things to do, places to go. achoo, done.

>> finished.

>> absolutely. that particular type of personality will resist the sneeze, but if they do it, it's gone.

>> the corrector? polite and discreet.

>> they're most likely to cover up their sneeze if they do sneeze. they're the ones that have the red pen and notice all the mistakes in the world and solve all the problems as well.

>> reporter: and the supporter sneezer, a pleaser and appeaser and ready to roll.

>> they're the ones that always have the kleenex or handkerchief for themselves and everybody else around them.

>> reporter: so the next time you -- give it a look and a listen and see where you fall on the sneeze spectrum. one other type of sneezer we did not mention the multiple sneezer. sometimes this can be annoying.

>> sequel.

>> i have to sneeze three times in a row and i won't stop one sneeze shy. those are folks who are generally influencers, imaginative, playful, energetic, very enthusiastic leaders.

>> or just highly allergic.

>> or highly allergic to something in the room.

>> what kind of sneezer are you?

>> a one big let's get it all out and move on with everything else happening.

>> i would have guessed that.

>> prong ejector.

>> ready?

>> go ahead.

>> three, two -- sorry.

>> i'll have what she's having.

>> no, there was nothing.

>> just gross.

>> aren't you supposed to sneeze into your elbow?

>> there you go.

>> there is nothing. it was a fake sneeze.

>> you do add an effluent with it.

>> enthusiastic leader. what can i tell you? .

>> you ever hear one like a hurricane siren? the loudest sneezer in the history of the world . anyway. just wanted to get that in.