TODAY   |  June 26, 2013

Monica Lewinsky’s negligee auctioned by wife of ex

More than 30 of the former White House intern’s personal items that were part of the federal investigation into her relationship with President Clinton are being auctioned by the ex-wife of Lewinsky’s high school teacher, who Lewinsky had an affair with.

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>> much would you pay for moe mentos that belonged to monica lewinsky . there's 30 items that were part of the former investigation into her relationship with president clinton . the blue dress is not among the items but it does include a black negligee and white house keepsakes and greeting cards. this collection was submitted by the ex-wife of lewinsky's high school teacher and one time boyfriend who she started dating while she was married. so now the ex-wife put this up for option. some say it could get as much as $50,000. bidding starts tomorrow. who would buy this stuff.

>> $50,000.

>> yeah, for the collection.

>> and the money goes to the --

>> of the ex-wife --

>> of the man she had