TODAY   |  June 22, 2013

TODAY anchors try new summer workouts

To get a head start on summer, TODAY anchors Lester Holt, Erica Hill, Jenna Wolfe and Dylan Dreyer tried workouts from Zumba to another called “stiletto strength.” “Is this how supermodels do it?” asked TODAY’s Erica Hill.

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>>> this morning on "today's" fitness, the first weekend of summer. that means bathing suit season is upon us . we have transformed the plaza into a fitness center with the help of crunch gym. we are going to start with a new work out called surf, set and sand. we have an instructor here. explain what we are going to do.

>> crunch partnered up with surf, set, fitness. it's a circuit dallas. we are going to start with our pop-up. you come down here on the surf x and we are going to start paddling out into the waves. nice job. we are going to get into a pop-up. come up, push yourself up into a plank, position, bring your right leg forward and stand facing me. you got it. yeah, there you go. you are going to catch some waves here.

>> this is really an abexercise?

>> it's working strength and cardio. grab on to the rail here. you can real feel your legs working. all right. great job. looks good. excellent. part of the class is done on this and part we are going to do in the sand as well.

>> what sort of thing are we exercises here?

>> legs, quad, glutes, core. we are paddling, so really a total body work out.

>> how long do you do it, typically?

>> the class is 45 minutes. half is on the surfer x and the other in the sand.

>> the longer we are up here, the more i feel this now, the quads.

>> excellent. yes. surfing is one of the most athletic sports out there.

>> this is popular?

>> yeah. it brings the beach into the gym floor.

>> will it help me become a surfer?

>> it will help.

>> thanks very much.

>> thank you, lester.

>> let's turn it over to jenna.

>> you would never know lester is from california with all the surfing moves. next up, zumba . i was told we were going to sit down and it would be easy if you are pregnant. i walked over here and you are doing a weird thing i never imagined. i have never done zumba before.

>> let's do it.

>> it's a simple move, to the chair. now, hip circle. two, three.

>> i'm not a strong dancer.

>> this is what you do.

>> top. top. there you go. now circle.

>> i hope i don't have this baby by mistake.

>> step, shuffle. very good. nice and easy.

>> distracted by zumba and you burn a lot of calories and working your muscles.

>> exactly. now a little flavor.

>> okay. wow. look at my flavor, you guys. okay. i'm having fun . this is popular. people swear by zumba . clearly i don't because i'm so bad at it. what? you guys are so good. i don't want to ruin it by being in the shot. people of all ages are doing this?

>> all ages. it's for everyone. so much fun.

>> what is the fascination with all the dancing? get your groove and get out there?

>> the music is amazing. you get all the fun you can. you make friends. you are happier. healthier and happier.

>> i'm so happy right now you have no idea. i feel like things are happening for me. moving and shaking in really good places. this is awesome. you are great.

>> thank you.

>> over to dylan.

>> i am joined by kim and we are doing battle roping. these are very, very heavy ropes.

>> it's a full body workout.

>> what do you do with the ropes?

>> we are going to show you. come over here. squat down.

>> okay.

>> grab your rope.

>> all right.

>> we want to make big tidal waves . this is the tidal move. roll it up.

>> are you kidding me?

>> let's see what you have. yeah.

>> where are we going?

>> last five. now next move is a quick wave.

>> quick wave.

>> rapid-fire.

>> okay, good. move your arms as fast as you can.

>> good. weird faces, too. now, we are going switch it out into a lung with a hammer curl .

>> okay.

>> give me power. all right. yeah. drop it down.

>> let's make it harder than it already is. how do you feel?

>> that is so heavy and to get that end of the rope to do any kind of wave. i'm out of breath. you're like whatever. i'm impressed. we are now with carol johnson who does, this is stiletto strength. the last thing i think i should wear for a work out is a pair of heels. that's the point here.

>> we partnered with nine west. it's all lower body and you get your strut on and learn how to walk properly in heels and look great in style.

>> great style. it's going to help lift the lower region, right? perfect.

>> walk two three and a snap. and a walk, two, three, snap. you are strutting to the right. two, three and back.

>> yeah, that's it.