TODAY   |  June 18, 2013

TSA agent accused of harassing girl, 15, over shirt

A father is accusing a TSA agent of criticizing his daughter for having clothing the agent said was too revealing. According to the teen, the agent checking ID’s glared at her and said “you’re only 15, cover yourself.”

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>> father's outrage over what he said a tsa agent said about his 15-year-old daughter's outfit while going through airport security . take a look at this photo. what she was wearing at the time. her dad said she was traveling without them as a school trip . as she approaches the agent he was glaring at her and mumbling. when she got there he said you're only 15 cover yourself . dad said he has met with tsa officials and they were apologetic. they we said regret she had an unplez santd experience and are in the progress.

>> i don't see anything wrong with what she is wearing. she is wearing what most teens wear. a plaid shirt and teens.

>> if that's offensive, wow.

>> not just teens wearing them, adults.

>> i don't understand when people wear really short short ones the plane. it's so cold. aren't they cold?

>> most of the people wearing them shouldn't be.

>> exactly.

>> well when you pull out your spandex suit on the airplane, it's a little much.

>> but the bigger point is keep it to yourself .

>> it's not a security risk .

>> it's not your job to parent other people's kids.