TODAY   |  June 14, 2013

Census Bureau: Whites will be minority by 2043

New numbers from the Census Bureau show rapid increases in Hispanic and Asian growth will make whites a minority within 30 years, a shift that will have huge social, political, and economic implications for the U.S. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>> anyway, new census estimates are revealing a historic shift in america this morning . tom costello is down in washington to break this down for us. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. by 2043 whites will be a minority but these new numbers only confirm what we have all already seen on the streets. a changing complexion that will have huge, social, political and economic implications for the entire country and the fastest growing ethnic group may not be what you expect. far from the 50s, a new group of color. how is the face of america changing? think of the country like a maternity ward with each baby representing 50,000 people added to a racial group once you take away the debts, for the year ending july 2013 , the asian population expanded by 530,000 people. african americans added 560,000 and the hispanic population grew by the most, 1.1 million people. nonhispanic whites added only 175,000 people to their ranks and for the first time, deaths by a slim margin out paced births for white who saw their gains coming completely from imgags. it will make whites a minority and the implications are huge for programs like social security and medicare.

>> they have to be ready to make their park because as the older white people retire they're all we have.

>> take west liberty , iowa. their population is only 5%, students here have the option to take half their classes in spanish. the town's meat packing plant means 54% of it's residents are hispanic . virginia senator tim cain gave a nod to his hispanic constituents by speaking their language on the senator floor.

>> we need variety. that's how we build culture.

>> a mosaic that is already here. a population of the u.s. in children under the age of 5 is majority minority . the class entering kindergarten this fall is 49.9% minority. matt, back to you.

>> all right. tom costello in washington for us. thank you