TODAY   |  May 27, 2013

The right lingerie for all your summer styles

Susan Nethero from Intimacy Bra Fit Stylists lingerie boutiques has the perfect underthings to wear with strapless dresses and tops with plunging necklines.

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>>> we're back with more-of-"today" on this memorial day , the unofficial start of summer and the season for strappy and strapless fashions.

>> what do you wear under those revealing outif thes? susan nethero is here with uplifting advice.

>> like how we do that.

>> how are you, seuss snn.

>> i'm great.

>> finding the right bra for a strapless or a flowy thing, it ain't easy.

>> we're going to have fun, because there's a lot of color and we're going to match that back to undergarment.

>> we have four looks and we have twins. four sets of twins. i like how you do this the first is the strapless and spaghetti strap dresses and we have twins lauren and debby. lauren is coming out and wearing the spaghetti strap and flowy summer dress and debby is wearing brat that goes under it.

>> the maxi dress is all in but when you're wearing a maxi dress you want to balance it with an open neck line. so the dress from j. crew is strappy and this is a strapless bra to go underneath.

>> most women are terrified of strapless bras, they don't stay up, it's a disastrous evening. but this is a wonderful strapless bra . and the key to getting a good strapless bra , is about getting right fit. we carry bras up to h cups that are strapless. so every woman can wear a strapless.

>> i thought there was a law against that, the law of gravity .

>> cute little styling.

>> thank you so much.

>> so moving on to a wrap dress or a dress that's got a plunging neckline and often hard to find the right bra. i have a feeling that our twins, christine and carolyn may have figured it out. christine has a floral wrap dress on and carolyn has the bra that goes under it.

>> a wonderful wrap dress for the summer and you're right, it does demand a plunging neckline, so we need a bra with a low centerpiece, a fashionable bra with front detail straps and it's a convertible bra, it can be worn strapless.

>> i have that bra, who makes that?

>> mary jo .

>> do you like it?

>> it's kind of pricey, you can buy these bras at different price points.

>> you can get a lot of bras affordable. the real key is to get bras that are going to work for you. half the bras that women own at home, they don't wear.

>> sometimes you're not sure what color to wear underneath.

>> this is a great black fashionable bra. we look for all the fashion styles. our buyers are always looking for color trends and things like that. so you can have something that works.

>> next, the eyelet and sheer look, this is not easy to pull off. we have june and joy. june has on the dress and joy has on the bra.

>> these two are gorgeous.

>> hey.

>> tell us about this.

>> well what to wear under something that's sheer or eyelet like this particular dress.

>> i love that yellow bra.

>> we say match it back and it's a stunning look. and these young ladies look fantastic. this is a french bra, be a t-shirt style. and we carry different cup styles for different women. can you get whatever style is right for you and of course it's all about getting the proper fitting.

>> and the colors, they come in so many colors, thanks, kids.

>> thank you, ladies.

>> our final summer look, the skinny strap and tank dress top. come out christy and katie. come on, girls.

>> got girls and girls, looking good.

>> dangerous curves ahead.

>> tell us about this.

>> so what's really fun here of course, an orange bra in your wardrobe. it looks fantastic under this great trina turk dress, which is a stunner to begin with. but it is fun to see that women of different sizes, we have 34-e and 36-g here.

>> go girls!

>> can wear this bra and have a fashionable look so it's all about getting the right fit and getting stylish bras that work back to your wardrobe. you look fantastic.