TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

KLG, Hoda: Does Brad Pitt have face blindness?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about Brad Pitt’s Esquire magazine interview, in which he speculates about whether he has a medical condition that makes it difficult to remember the faces of people he has met.

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>>> how do you begin to rebuild? he said the very first order of business is to get street signs , because nobody knows what block is there. so a sense of toe please know which blocks is theirs, and everywhere you look, people are saying, how can you help?

>> one of the nba players, oklahoma city thunder's kevin durant , they make a lot of money, those guys. sometimes they put it toward great causes. he pledged a million to the american red cross the that's a hero.

>> good for him. a lot of guys from the basketball team are visiting the kids in the hospital.

>> i think it's really great, because these athletes can brighten a kid's days. you look at the photos, and a lot of athletes.

>> give them hope to keep going. it's going to get better.

>> you thole, when it's your home, a thousand times more devastating. for toby keith , his family is from oklahoma. his sister's house --

>> i guess his sister lived in moore. i don't know what happened to her and his zonal -- or might be his brother-in-law we're talking about. his son-in-law? he has a daughter -- wow.

>> he's a really great guy. he walked with matt through his town, and it's one of those things that you can't imagine what it would be like if that was your house, walking through and looking at the wreckage. our headdresser laura had returned. unless you're there, and know -- no television coverage give it its due. if you said to help, text to the red cross , and we can all afford that.

>> absolutely.

>>> brad pitt said --

>> i've never heard of this disorder. try to say the name.

>> don't make me say he says he has a rare medical condition that prevents him from remembering people's faces it is call prosopagnocia --

>> close but nowhere near a cigar.

>> what?

>> it's what the huh is wrong with you?

>> anyway -- [ laughter ]

>> anyway. he has that. he says when he looks at somebody he can't remember their face.

>> he also talks about the fact there was a period in his life where he smoked so much marijuana that -- i don't think he would recognize anybody's face, even in the mirror. the way he describes it, he was gone, lost.

>> on page 6 there's an article that came from "parade" magazine, and maybe something in "esquire" but he talks about he and his then wife jennifer aniston , he would -- and i started getting sick of myself sitting on the couch, holding a joint hiding out. i think my marriage had something to do with it, trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn't.

>> in fairness to him -- you've been in a bad marriage, i've been in a bad marriage, there is a face you put on for the public, because -- especially when you're trying to make sense of it, you know? that part i get. i don't get that other stuff. that's highly unusual. but the putting on a brave face, i didn't tell my parents for a long time. you know, it's always hope springs eternal , just if you hang in there.

>> i feel like i'm an optimist, and i think it works in almost everything, but i think when you're in a relationship and it's not working, and you say, you know, maybe he's just tired or maybe we're having a bad week.

>> you're making excuses for chronic behavior.

>> yeah, and you're trying to be optimistic when really the thing is cratering.

>> or maybe if you can't remember their face, it could create some problems. that's -- that seems like a million years away. think about how angelina jolie , the perception of her has changed -- maybe never so much as any human being that i can remember in my lifetime. you know, we all first came to know her as this sort of gothic chick with a vial of blood around her neck, she was a brilliant actress, but --

>> and also crazy pda with billy bob thornton , and good for her, she got out of her own neuroroses and started caring about the world around her and that transformed her. she started to have a purpose in her life. she realized she could change the world through the very celebrity she was so uncomfortable with. when she found a way to use that to better the world, put it in perspective. i have so much respect for what she does.

>> and that probably attracted him, too.

>> though we want everybody to be happy.

>> yes, we do.

>> for the few people that can't recognize anybody -- what do they have?

>>> a baby white rhino was born. look.

>> oh, my gosh. only a mother could love it. i wonder if he recognizes his mother's face.

>> look at his big feet.

>> he's going to grow into those feet. cody had feet like that, too. he grew into them. he's looking for his mommy's you know what? he's going to take a --

>> no, he's not.

>> they always go in a circle before they do it.

>> is that what he's doing?

>> yeah, i think so.

>> he's so cute. does he have a name?

>> have they named him?

>> i don't know.

>> i want to know in blake ace a diarhea is better?

>> he's better, better -- don't mention it.

>> he's so cute.

>>> hoda has some fans in chicago. check this out.

>> what does it say over there?

>> thank you, hoda, for rescuing blake that's paws chicago.

>> i love, love, you have love that dog .

>> and what about cinnamon?

>> was she from paws?

>> i can say it with enough assurance, who will question it? yes, he was, howeda.

>> i want to wish him happy birthday , too, happy birthday to the american cancer society .

>> how old are they today?

>> 100 years old.

>> they look good for their age.

>> they sure do.

>> think how much money has been raised in all those years and we still haven't found the cure. hoda is doing her part. this is an ad in the rock center here. the space is donated every month for a different charity. but you're their spokesperson this month.

>> the american cancer society asked different people who have had cancer to lend their face and name, but they're a great organization. they raise a lot of money, fighting for a cure. thank you, happy birthday , and come by rock center. they do donate that window space for everyone to take a peek i want there's a friend of my here in new york, diana feldman. hats off to her. year after year after year, she works for the american cancer society , no matter what.

>> great.

>>> hi, sarah.

>> it's time for hot baths. that time of year when we host the -- the prize is a two one-week vacation for two in the exclusive scrub island resort in the british virgin islands . nine different categories, military dads, single dads, but the winner will be announced the week before father's day. you have until may 27th to submit. get in on that