TODAY   |  May 18, 2013

Meet Minnesota’s pint-sized politician, Mayor Tufts

Bobby Tufts, 4, may look like a typical kid, but his resume goes way beyond daycare and playgrounds — he’s the mayor of the town of Dorset, Minn. He is already learning the challenges of holding an office of power, though, telling TODAY’s Erica Hill his girlfriend only likes him “because I’m the mayor.” TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Bobby Tufts and his mother.

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>> like your typical 4-year-old. but his resume goes way beyond daycare and playgrounds, that's because he is mayor of dorsett , minnesota, population 26. he has been in the spotlight after he was covered at the governor's fishing opener. that is one of his favorite activities. he joins us this morning with his mom, emma tufts. mr. mayor, have you been at this job now since august. what is the hardest part about being the mayor of dorsett , minnesota. is it all the attention? all the cameras?

>> um-hum.

>> yeah. but you get a lot of free stuff, right? do you get free ice cream ? you do? wheat your favorite flavor ?

>> strawberry and chocolate.

>> good call combining those two. is it true have you a girlfriend, robert? yes? what's her name.

>> sophia.

>> sophia. you think she likes you just for you or likes that you are the mayor?

>> that i'm the mayor.

>> emma, have you a 4-year-old that's the mayor. you don't hear that every day. and the election process is a little different in dorsett . how did he become mayor?

>> well, we decided to run him in a campaign for kind of publicity for the restaurant that i worked at. and we did some photos and did a campaign button and posters, and all the waitresses wore the buttons and sold it to the customers. rare lot of momentum going, and there is an annual festival, you pay $1 and you can put a name in. and a name is drawn out of a hat. the big question, mr. mayor, are you going to run again this august? you are? you think you have it in you for a second term? yeah. what is the biggest challenge about your day job , buddy?

>> poking my eye out.

>> i hope you don't poke your eye out as mayor. oh, no. mr. mayor, i think you should pass a resolution to make sure that doesn't happen. nice to have you with us, i know your family is fourth generation in this tiny town. nice to see you finally have gotten somebody elected after four generations. we'll see if your younger brother can follow in your footsteps. nice to have you both here.