TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

Calorie-cutting condiments help trim weight

TODAY diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom explains how making a few simple changes to your favorite condiments will help you lose weight, including using mustard instead of mayo and cutting back on salad dressings that contain oil.

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>>> welcome back to "today" on this try-day friday, we're helping you drop 10 pounds by memorial day with a little skinny dipping .

>> you can save 500 calories a day just by skipping all the dressings and the dips and condiments loaded with hillen calories, sugar and salt. "today" diet and nutrition he h had editor diane fernstrom has more.

>> we want to give you good things to help you trim calories.

>> ketchup.

>> if you're a big ketchup user, look for reduced sugar ketchup. it tastes more tomato-y. everybody knows about mayonnaise, most people use it to moisten bread. you don't care that much about the taste. so if you get reduced fat or nonfat, it saves a lot of calories. a tablespoon is more than 100 calories.

>> and it adds up quickly. so mustards are great. look for dark brown , the grainy type. texture and mouth feel are really important.

>> there's almost no calories in mustard. and you can doll things up with hot sauce or little fancier sriracha sauce . and can you use some of these a-1 steak sauce . but be careful of barbeque sauce .

>> maple syrup.

>> there you go.

>> then we get to salad dressings. who doesn't know, don't pour dressings on. but what if you don't want to have just balsamic vinegar or lemon juice , that works, too. but you can use olive oil and use it sparingly, just a tablespo tablespoon, 100 calories goes a long way. or get a spray pump. try things like rice vinegar , red wine vinegar .

>> i like rice vinegar .

>> it's good, right?

>> uh-huh.

>> if you like packaged things, you can get the old package seasonings, and reverse the oil and vinegar. you're in control of this. if you like commercial dressings, they can be really great. some are made with yogurt. you can use the fat-free ones, if they take glopy to you, don't use them. they're fine for some people, but watch the amounts. if you use regular dressings --

>> is that ken's?

>> i discovered that in nantucket, this one looks -- that is -- probably a zillion calories, i love that stuff.

>> a little goes a long way.

>> you can water it down with vinegar.

>> nobody wants to do that.

>> now we're going to start dipping. because here you can save a ton of calories. the best dip on earth if you're trying to lose weight and it's also healthy.

>> salsa. instead of the guacamole. or you can take guacamole or hum hummus, more calories and use them mix them up. read the labels, they may look low calorie .

>> what do you do with your guacamole?

>> avocados, a little salt and pepper , lemon juice or lime juice , that's enough and a small amount goes a long way. when it's very flavorful, you tend to eat less, can you make some of your favorites from a package using low-calorie sour cream or greek yogurt . whatever you like. and mix it up with sometimes a fancy spinach dip. that dilutes out the calories.