TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Trace Adkins to KLG, Hoda:  You’re always drunk

Country singer Trace Adkins is out with his 11th studio album, “Love Will,” a selection of heart-wrenching ballads along with several uptempo anthems. He jokes with Kathie Lee and Hoda that they always have a little too much to drink, and also shares how he spent his anniversary with his wife in Hawaii.

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>> we're kicking it country with grammy-nominated music legend trace adkins .

>> he sold more than 10 million albums.

>> today.

>> just yesterday. he's out with his 11th studio album , a collection of love songs .

>> oh.

>> and it's called "love will."

>> busy, busy, busy.

>> you are on "apprentice" sunday nights. you and penn are in the finals. poor little lisa rinna .

>> she was practically crying. and her tiny little bottom. wasn't nice.

>> she's so cute. i love her.

>> she's a doll.

>> but it wasn't gentlemanly of either one of you guys.

>> well, i didn't --

>> you didn't cut her.

>> no.

>> you weren't in the boardroom with her.

>> no, i had nothing to do with that.

>> tell us about the standoff with you and penn . how will it go down?

>> i'll win but he'll make a good showing.

>> you came to win, you said.

>> yeah, i didn't really want to do the thing, then when i said i'll do it. i said i'll win. i'm going to go win.

>> for competitiveness. did you have that in school? were you look a football player?

>> yeah, i'm an old jock.

>> you like penn , you guys have a good relationship. you're friends.

>> yeah, i've known penn for several years. we're not close.

>> there's no bromance.

>> but we hung out together. i've gone to his shows and he's come to mine. you know, so any time i go to vegas i try to go to his show.

>> but you can put all that aside like hoda and i do when it comes to the competition. you love one another, but you're going to win.

>> or in your case how much you dislike each other and you pretend that you like each other.

>> whatever works.

>> what?

>> you are both always drunk anyway.

>> hey, that is a rumor.

>> that is a --

>> no, it's not. no, it's not. i can smell you both right now.

>> don't look behind the chairs.

>> see?

>> a-ha.

>> that's hoda's.

>> so let's talk about your music.

>> did your all mommies dress you all alike today?

>> now you're getting on our nerves, big boy .

>> how is your mom?

>> that's an inside joke. sorry.

>> let's talk about your music, shall we? love songs .

>> this album is nothing but love songs . but keep in mind, i'm the guy that thinks that honky-tonk ba-dong-kadonk is a love song .

>> it's not muzak love songs .

>> no, it's not like a bread album.

>> i like bread.

>> solid reference. but you're going to meet a guy in this country that admits he ever listened to a bread album.

>> but he took a chick to a bread concert.

>> but this album is a deal closer.

>> oh, my word.

>> just saying. put this album on and have some wine and, you know, and if this doesn't close the deal, you should probably think about moving on.

>> another profession.

>> you're very free speaking about all this stuff with your beautiful wife just a stone's throw away from us.

>> yes, she's right over here.

>> she's gorgeous.

>> and she's with maureen maltess.

>> how long have you been married?

>> 16 years on saturday.

>> what did you guys do for your anniversary?

>> went to hawaii .

>> only you could say it like it wasn't fun.

>> hey, i'm going to say this. i'm not paid by the hawaii tourist bureau, but i went to hawaii and i was like, you know, i could go to destin.

>> near pensacola.

>> yeah.

>> and have the same experience.

>> palm trees and sand. i don't have to fly 12 hours to go to maui.

>> gee. you are fun.

>> what song are you going to sing for us?

>> i can get drunk and lay in the dirt anywhere.

>> all right.

>> i don't have to fly, you know, i don't have to fly to hawaii . i'm just saying.

>> all righty.

>> a good place to have a navy base , i guess.

>> hopefully your wife had a better time than you did.