TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Asked and answered: 6 products for better skin

Shape magazine’s Bahar Takhtehchian shows off a collection of beauty products to smooth skin, an acne kit to help prevent breakouts and an eye cream to treat under-eye bags.

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>>> whether you have problems with acne --

>> not that any of these kids do --

>> our you're starting to see the creases pop up on your neck, there are beauty issues at every age.

>> to help us. we've brought in behar.

>> let ate get right to it. a lot of people wrote in questions. i'd like my face to look flawless, but don't want to wear foundation every day. is there an alternative?

>> yes, the best alternative is a beauty cream, makeup, skincare and sunscreen in one, and a good bb cream will cover like a foundation, smooth like a primer hydrate like a moisturizers and give you the protection.

>> isn't that going to feel like she's putting on the very thing you're talking about?

>> no, very, very good sheer coverage. instead of ten different things, one thing in a bottle.

>> question number two -- preventing my neck and decollete from getting wrinkled is a priority.

>> you don't want to look like a peach pit .

>> bust thing is sunscreen every day on your face.

>> imagine that concept.

>> if you've forgotten to do that over the years, a good neck cream can help save the day. this one is from bliss. you instantly feel the tightening sensation, which is good for sagging skin, plus it helps fight against free radicals, that's the stuff causing the lines, saggyness and hyper pigmentation.

>> why is she looking at me?

>> i don't know.

>>> i'm way past my teen years and still suffer from acne. is there anything i can do.

>> it's so frustrating when you are an adult and have acne. it's like, are you cudding me? really? the key for products is adult skin is different. it's a lot more dry, it's not as oily. don't use the product that your teenage daughter might be using. instead find a great product like this, this is from murad. i love it's a three-step process, cleanser, toner, lotion in one. no guesswork.

>> here's another question -- a skin care tool that can minimize --

>> a professional brush like this one. it will help exfoliate. that way all of your creams and serums, everything that you're paying money for will work better and you're getting clean, exfoliated skin, too.

>> should you use it every day?

>> yes, every single day. just use it very gently. use it in the shower, too.

>> what cleansing conditioner and what type of hair?

>> think of cleansing conditioner all a low lather sam piano.

>> it's a conditioner that will clean your hair, remove the oils and dirt, but you want to make sure -- typically it's best for people with curly hair or very coarse hair. if you have fine or oily hair, you may need something stronger.

>> i don't want to strip the good oils.

>> it infuses your hair with great moisture. silky, beautiful, for people with curly hair , very, very good.

>> i suffer from under- eye circles , thises from a reader, not me -- and crow's feet.

>> besides preparation h , is there something else you can use.

>> using a great eye cream. you're retinol is fabulous. that's the gold standard . sometimes people get sensitivity to retinol.

>> if you go out in the sun with that.

>> right. you need to wear sunscreen . this is actually made for sensitive skin .

>> it's by roc. it has had time-released formula, so delivering the slow and steady dose.

>> just dab it under your eyes.

>> if you've never used retinol before, this is a product you can start with.

>> thank you very much.