TODAY   |  May 06, 2013

Hottest Google searches: Cinco de Mayo, Cher

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg breaks down the hottest Google searches of the weekend, from Cinco de Mayo to Cher’s recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

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>>> back now a look at what's been burning up the internet over the weekend, google technologist daniel sieberg is here to break down some of the hottest google searches. good morning, daniel.

>> good morning.

>> i love it you're a google technologist.

>> i love that label, too.

>> before we get to the things we'll discuss talk to me about the method how you measure these searches.

>> these are trending searches, that means we see a spike in search interests, looking between friday evening and last night at what people are curious about, trying to get context around. think of this as getting the pulse of the internet.

>> we're not talking about the most searched top ick?

>> not search volume but search trends.

>> let's get to the number one topic on the list here, rosie n napravnik.

>> a lot of searches on the kentucky derby , twin spires, but rosie napravnik --

>> why can't google help us pronounce things?

>> we do. she is one of the few female jockeys, the sixth woman to run in the kentucky derby since 1970 , comes from a long line of her family into horses. she didn't win but --

>> she was representing, good for rosie .

>> we saw a lot of recipes for mint julep . so the folks at home can participate.

>> cinco de mayo history.

>> from mint juleps and margheritas, you were talking with your friends, what is cinco de mayo , where does it start and some confuse it with mexican independent day which is in september.

>> september 16th .

>> correct and got nothing to do with that. it goes back to the american civil war , the relationship between mexico and the u.s., while the mexicans were battling french forces , the battle of pueblo in 1862 so interesting context, folks curious to know what that is about.

>> cher, another hot google search this weekend, apparently ellen degeneres took to twitter to share a funny picture of her, has a caption "i had to change my outfit before this show" and ellen chose this outfit, she said cher and i were wearing the same thing. obvious reasons why this is a buzz.

>> there was a little bit of digital alteration with the picture by a lot of people jurious, a new documentary about her mother, georgia holt so people who know her career, aren't as familiar, are checking her out. to see a search spiked around her was cool.

>> 4:00 a.m ., " star wars day" may the force be with you.

>> may 4th and may the fourth be with you is " star wars day." they celebrate the fandom, dress in costumes, people talk about the movies and it does become a trending subject online.

>> i like that, reese witherspoon her arrest continues to trend in the video everybody wants to see it.

>> people may have heard about it or read about it online but they can see the video for themselves and for some people it still is a little startling to see her in this situation.

>> this is one of the examples, too, something you do lives on forever and people can google it forever so she may not get the break that she's looking for by apologizing.

>> some people are still curious about that.

>> the final top sick a fun one, askew.

>> grace askew was one of the contestants on "the voice" and she was eliminated last week, people were curious about her. if you put the word askew as it's spelled like that into google search , you actually get what we call an easter egg within search so your browser window turns at a little bit of an askew sort of an angle, and so people may have noticed that.

>> askew versus askew.

>> a little hidden thing.

>> i like the list, thank