TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Get in the Derby spirit with colorful hats

Christine Moore, one of the premiere hat designers in horse racing, shows off the kinds of extravagant headgear women will be donning this year at the Kentucky Derby with six of her colorful hats.

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>>> at churchill downs getting ready for the kentucky derby this weekend.

>> remember, matt, in the words of hitch, this is where you live.

>> you live in the hip, not in the body.

>> this is where you live. all right, guys, can't wait to see this coming up. hats a big part of the kentucky derby tradition. kristi moore is known as the milner of the triple crown , some of the best hats come from this lady.

>> thank you, gd to see you, too.

>> you have the different designs. first off the elizabeth hat.

>> this is the elizabeth and feathers are still in the game , this is something on the headband you can put it on and go.

>> next one is clara, so lace is still a trend.

>> lace is still a trend. there's sparkle on it, we're seeing sparkle come up and a little bling.

>> and a pop of color with sprite.

>> and green is popular. we sold more green this year than any other color.

>> the green was the official big color of the season.

>> yes.

>> next we've got the jennifer, black and white .

>> this is racing, this is quintessentially racing.

>> and shana?

>> for pink for oaks day.

>> and the last one is architectural.

>> patty is the quinn essential derby lady and lets me do whatever i want to do every year.

>> wow that's a big hat . kristine moore thank you so much and men's hats very popular, this is named after your husband.

>> that's right, blake.