TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

Three-time Derby winner is back in the saddle

Gary Stevens has had a remarkable career as a jockey, winning the Kentucky Derby three times, the Preakness twice, and the Belmont Stakes three times. Now he is coming out of retirement to saddle up for the Derby again, driven by the “burn and desire” to race.

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>> 27 years winning three kentucky derbies, two breaknesses, two belmont stakes gary stevens retired, nbc analyst and you're racing in the kentucky derby tomorrow.

>> going to get started today with the kentucky oaks , had a bit of a warmup but be in the saddle again tomorrow afternoon.

>> what made you decide to come back?

>> i wanted to win another derby. three is not enough. i didn't want to know ten years from now i passed something up that i was capable of doing and i guess the burn and desire to ride under the twin spires.

>> weather will be a factor, it will be raining. how does that change your race?

>> it won't change my strategy. i plan to be up close to the pace if not in the lead. the goggles, they'll go from six goggles to probably ten pairs of goggles so it will change the strategy a little bit.

>> best of luck, gary.