TODAY   |  April 18, 2013

5 ways wine can help you stay fit

Celebrity fitness trainer Adam Rosante shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a workout that’s right up their alley – one with wine! He shows them how to do squats, crab dips and sprints, all using wine bottles.

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>> i know what's coming up --

>> bottom's up and bottles up.

>> this is ridiculous.

>> this is "today" on nbc. on "get fit with kathie lee and hoda" we have reached a new mer-low. merlot. a wine workout. today we're combining business and pleasure with a new exercise that combines our love of a certain beverage were a workout.

>> this was not our idea.

>> adam ravante is a celebrity fitness trainer and founder of people's boot camp here in new york city . he knew how to get on our show.

>> he knew how to sell it.

>> is this a real thing or did you make this up for us?

>> here's the point.

>> what is the point?

>> what is the point, get off my show. it can be really hard to find your motivation to work out sometimes, right?

>> yeah.

>> anything can you do to make the workout more fun, more accessible.

>> this is making it more dangerous.

>> we have plastic mats there.

>> come on.

>> roll up and let's get into it. anything you can do to make it more fun, more accessible, you'll be more likely to do it. we incorporated wine. the first exercise we're going to do, we're going to do cheer-ups, i even have cute names.

>> so we're at --

>> good for you, these, we're going to start at the top of a push-up position, you can do them on your knees, get the wrist right below the shoulder we're going to perform a push-up and at the top of the motion we're going to pick up a glass and raise it up to shoulder level.

>> don't drink it, hoda.

>> what kind of point is that.

>> pick it up with your left hand.

>> shoulder level and cheers.

>> so you're working your chest your shoulders, really all i've worked here was my sense of restraint.

>> we worked our sense of humor.

>> that's legit. that's a push up with a shoulder raise, that's not easy.

>> another exercise, cork screws and use a bottle of wine. pick your poison.

>> are they glass?

>> they are glass.

>> can you do a magnum or a regular size.

>> you guys are in awesome shape. so a magnum is about seven pounds, you'll only want one. get into a low squat back to back.

>> i've got heels on. here we go. turn it to one side, pass it to november. so we're twisting and twisting. working the obliques. there's a bonus to this. this twisting motion rings out your liver, so you're getting a little detox before you retox.

>> if we were doing this for real --

>> i'm feeling the bush.

>> i would represent doing all of these back to back for 30 seconds.

>> take us to the final.

>> so the next exercise we're going to do wine bottle woodchoppers. everybody grab a bottle.

>> we have 30 seconds.

>> 30 seconds 'til it's over?

>> over.

>> competition final move, slashy sprinters. pick up these wine glasses , sprint in place for 15 seconds, as fast as you can, judging you on form, speed, whether you spill any got those knees up! there's wine all over the place.

>> you're killing! test test test

>>> had good morning everyone. i'm