TODAY   |  April 15, 2013

Is working out with your partner a good idea?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and his best friend, Megan Colarossi, offer some friendly advice, including whether it’s smart to hit the gym with your significant other.

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>> my good friend of 20 years, megan colarossi, from working out with your mate, is that a good idea to letting your kids glue themselves to an ipad in a restaurant.

>> hi, willie , good morning.

>> how are you feeling?

>> feeling large.

>> baby is brewing.

>> kicking, ready.

>> how far?

>> five and a half, five and a quarter. i don't count. at this point, let it brew. i don't want to know when this one's come.

>> let me know when it's over.

>> let me know when it's -- last time i brought drinks which were a hazard. this time, wasabi peas , pregnancy craving. delicious. like that? hot, spicy.

>> ooh, hot.

>> your team, your producers back stage loved these. get in here, it's --

>> is that plankton?

>> this is like a seaweed flake.

>> really? do you really like this?

>> it's good for you. algae is good for you and it will get in your teeth.

>> what am i a go uppy, i'm not eating that.

>> that is a famous one.

>> the pickles and the ice cream . we'll do that.

>> you asked about my favorite snack, salt and vinegar chips. peanut butter but you added a healthy element which does not take place in my kitchen.

>> you dip your finger?

>> a spoon or a knife into the skippy.

>> old school move i like it. first topic sweat therapy . you and your husband work out together, you go spinning and do the whole thing.

>> um-hum.

>> you say it's a good idea for couples to work out together.

>> working out with your mate is better than regular therapy.

>> why? look at chris, handsome devil .

>> he looks great.

>> because you're working out together, doing something together, start with that. you're sweating, you're getting aggression out. if you're angry before you went to the class, you will not be angry afterwards because you're tired.

>> right.

>> it's something do you together. my husband and i go on saturdays we have a long busy week, we can't go out during the week because we have kids, saturday morning is our day to be together. we don't talk.

>> that's what i was going to say.

>> we rock out together. i race against him. what about you?

>> do you win?

>> always. because he lets me.

>> no, i'm not against it. i see your point but i think working out is the time where you get the ipod on and you're just working through your own stuff.

>> all the time?

>> you're thinking and feeling the music, i spend a lot of time with my wife. apparently you don't hang out outside of spin class which is a deeper question.

>> we need therapy.

>> it's solo time. next topic, this is a big one, this is from twitter, should you invite a person to your event, say a wedding or birthday just because they invited you? what is the property etiquette on birthdays and weddings?

>> this is a sensitive subject. i want to be included in every party and event but a friend told me you can't be invited to everything and i think weddings and birthday parties are intimate. invite who you want to invite. this is not a dress rehearsay arehearsal. why invite the masses? your budget might be tighter, you might not have enough space so it's intimate and i'm talking about weddings, do you remember everyone that came to your wedding? was i invited?

>> if you had to recast your wedding ten years later to are me it would be a different group but that's true --

>> i'd be a bridesmaid of course.

>> i will say for kids' parties especially young kids, cast the wide net. you want all the kids you don't need that clique stuff happening early on. we have ours in central park , put a couple blankets down.

>> couple pizza, the more the merrier. the class has to come for kids.

>> look at our poll because we asked on do you agree with megan or willie . 80/20 for team meg said no you do not have to invite someone to the party. congratulations on another overwhelming victory.

>> i love winning.

>> game on or war games , we're talking about electronic at the dinner table. you see it at a lot of restaurants, young kids while their parents are eating on the ipad. is that okay?

>> before i had kids i would say no. i'm going to talk to my kids, we'll play at the dinner table and have an intelligent conversation but the minute hudson popped out, ipad ready. i think you use it sparingly. you go into a restaurant and use it in a pinch when you're having a meltdown or something, i think it buys you some time. i think your mom and my mom would have thrown an ipad our way but they suffered.

>> i can't disagree with you. you don't use it in your home at the dinner table but out in a public place you need to buy yourself 10, 15 minutes if they play a little sonic dash so be it. before we let you go, i understand there's some cupping.

>> kevin menard, my dear friend and ac acupuncturist.

>> i'm told i need to roll up my sleeve. what is cupping?

>> cupping is an old school chinese technique that uses a glass jar to pull up stagnation from the body or what meg likes to say, gook.

>> willie has a lot of gook in his body. get it out.

>> your forearm just like this.

>> what is this?

>> this is going to create a suction which is going to, see like if you're injured, muscle soreness or tightness, the more stagnation you have the we hadder or dark purpose it turns.

>> you're turning purple.

>> this is not too much. if you had a lot it would be dork purple. it's great for the shoulders, the back. i've had patients that had shoulder pain for 17 years and they've had cupping and it's gone.

>> this isn't about vanity. it's therapeutic. clearly it's not about vanity.

>> look at the hickey on your arm.

>> you might have seen for the olympics the female chinese diving team had cupping marks down their backs and a lot of internet buzz about that. all good stuff.

>> i have and i want to you be healthy.

>> megan , thank you.

>> i'm here for you.

>> cupping and seaweed.

>> we're getting you clean.