TODAY   |  April 10, 2013

Sci-fi star Julie Benz: ‘I can swear in alien’

Julie Benz and Grant Bowler, two of the stars of the new Syfy series “Defiance,” talk about the revolutionary science-fiction show, which is premiering at the same time a companion video game is released.

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>> let's say hello to two wonderful people, julie and grant.

>> hi guys.

>> this is cool, welcome, welcome. your show is being released not only as a television show but also a video game ?

>> it's two portals into the same world, it's never been done before, so you can play the game , you can watch the show, you can do both and it gives you an added experiences.

>> i go the to get to the premise here for a second. the way i read this the earth is invaded by a lot of different groups of aliens, a war breaks out for nine years. the earth is destroyed. for me that would be end of series.

>> we start from there. the aliens have come to emigrate and through a lot of misunderstanding a war breaks out. there are seven races of them, one race of us and a bunch of machinery that went a little bit crazy and terraformed everybody. so it's no longer earth but also not their environment.

>> got it, okay.

>> this is your first sci-fi role, grant. were you nerve us?

>> i was grateful that it wasn't bright green with giant ears and flippers, you know. it's all good after that.

>> are you an ail yeb alslien also?

>> no, i'm humor, the mayor, the newly appointed mayor.

>> there are a lot of languages in this. you guys had to learn the languages?

>> i tried. i'm terrible. i can swear in alien, probably not appropriate for morning television.

>> family broadcast.

>> stockel.

>> what does it mean?

>> don't go there.

>> it's what it sounds like.

>> we just offended everybody on jupiter apparently.

>> ticked off a lot of