TODAY   |  April 07, 2013

Mother and son run against each other for mayor

“If I win, I believe my son will be very supportive,” said Wendy Casey, who is running against her son Randall for mayor of Dixmoor, a suburb outside of Chicago. Wendy said her son is not mature enough to take on the responsibility of running a community. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> the kennedys, bushes, the clintons, rockefellers, they've all made politics a family business . but things are a bit different for a mother and son outside of chicago. they're running against each other, and the election is just two days away . here's nbc news's michelle franzen .

>> reporter: just when you think you've heard it all in the world of politics, an illinois mom and her son are running against each other for mayor of dixmoor , a twist that's put this south suburban chicago area town on the map.

>> if i win, i believe my son will be very supportive.

>> reporter: spoken like a true mom or true opponent. surrounded by framed family photos, wendy doesn't hold back why she thinks her son shouldn't be elected.

>> he is not mature mentally to take on a responsibility of running a community.

>> reporter: ouch. randall declined an interview, but in a statement to nbc , the 27-year-old said he isn't running against his mom, but for the people of dixmoor . "i don't want to embarrass the people of dixmoor ," he said. "the people of dixmoor have had enough embarrassment." like most families, the caseys don't agree on all things political. in an earlier interview, mom and son debated some of their differences.

>> everyone is not going to agree with you.

>> that's absolutely true. when you're protest and boycott, you're protesting or boycotting against something that is wrong.

>> not really.

>> reporter: not easy when the two still live together. neither are talking much these days to avoid arguing, but mom is charging him rent.

>> of course! he can't live here rent free.

>> this is a perfect reality show. this is better than the kardashians.

>> reporter: the caseys are not the only candidates, but whoever wins will have a tough road ahead. the community is in financial turmoil, including missing payroll for city employees twice and abandoned buildings dotted throughout town.

>> leadership.

>> bossiness.

>> reporter: both mom and son will offer support if the other wins. but until then, the gloves are off and political analysts will be watching.

>> i think it's going to be interesting to find out if the mom says, would you ever elect a man who lives with his mother?

>> reporter: for "today," michelle franzen , nbc news.