TODAY   |  April 04, 2013

Which home coffeemaker brews the best cup?

If you want to brew your coffee at home, the possibilities are endless. TODAY consumer correspondent Janice Lieberman and Lisa Lee Freeman of ShopSmart get the scoop on some popular home brewers, letting the TODAY anchors do a taste test.

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>>> this morning on "today's" consumer, what's brewing in the coffee world ? janice liberman takes a look at the plethora of picks out there.

>> and there are. we spend billions of dollars a year on trying to get a great cup of joe. what's the best way to get your coffee at home? we checked in with some experts for an education on brewology.

>> let's face it, we are an addictive nation.

>> don't even talk to me until i've had my coffee .

>> reporter: we love our coffee any way we can get it and we're willing to pay.

>> maybe $7, $8.

>> but for those who would rather save some dough on their joe, making it at home is the best option.

>> you can make a fantastic espresso at home, cappuccino, whatever your favorite drink is.

>> reporter: houseware retailers have seen a double digit increase in sales of coffee makers and accessories over the last year. true connoisseurs can indulge in a machine for thousands.

>> you can upwards of $6,000 for these full automatic machines.

>> reporter: or a manual press for just $35.

>> pop that right in there.

>> reporter: but the true star in the industry are the single-serve coffee makers . we spent $1.8 billion on pods this year. that's five times as much as we did three years ago. it's the ease, the variety, and the speed which makes many coffee drinkers spend anywhere from 50 to 80 cents on a pod cup.

>> if you're all about convenience, you don't want to have to mess with any beans or grinds, coffee makers are great.

>> reporter: but for a stronger cup of coffee , you will need to brew the old-fashioned way. more coffee , less water. in a conventional drip pot. it's also less expensive per cup when you brew your own.

>> not bad.

>> just before you choose any coffee maker , make sure you have room for it in your kitchen. check out how easy it is to clean. and make sure you know which pods it'll accept and how much it'll cost.

>> thanks. let's bring in lisa friedman. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> you've tested a bunch of coffee makers .

>> 110 models. drip style and the pod style.

>> you're very caffeinated after that.

>> we were extremely caffeinated and look at ease of use, look at brew temperature to extract the maximum taste from the beans. also speed when it comes to pod makers.

>> tell us what you love. more of the old-fashioned kind.

>> it's got bling as you can see. for $200, you get a sparkly coffee maker and it's the top-rated coffee maker out of 110 models we tested. it's a fabulous machine.

>> tell us about this one.

>> this one is for people who have to have the absolute freshest cup of coffee . as you can see, you put the beans in here. you have to do a few things. and got a few moving parts in here.

>> very exciting.

>> and there you go. it's actually grinding the beans, going to put it in a filter and it'll start brewing.

>> okay.

>> maybe -- oh, there it goes. it even closes.

>> very exciting.

>> a lot of bells and whistles on that one.

>> this one is the pod style. and this is the cutest thing. it takes up very little real estate on your counter. it's super fast to use. you press the button. and when it turns green, you put the pod inside.

>> yep.

>> let's see --

>> i don't know if we have time for it.

>> i will --

>> it is pretty quick. the only downside to this machine, you have to use the pod.

>> okay.

>> this is my favorite one. it's a bargain at $80. the mr. coffee . uses k-cups, which means you've got a gigantic selection. and you can use the reusable filter for your own coffee .

>> you could actually put ground coffee in there.

>> that's a money saver.

>>> finally, we've got the starbucks model. this thing is gorgeous. it also comes in red. it's $200. and, you know, if you're a starbucks fanatic, it's great. the only bad thing, it only takes starbucks pods, which are very limited.

>> let's do a couple of tests. the maker and the store bought.

>> yes.

>> okay. okay, wait. i'm going to be really caffeinated.

>> what do you think?

>> i think this one's from the machine. is that right? no?

>> whoa.

>> and i think of myself as a connoisseur.

>> this cost you about $1 a cup, this is $1.65, plus you have to go out and get it.

>> i'm sold. that was really strong, which is how i like my coffee . this is the $5,000 maker.

>> you've got to try this, guys, this is $5,500, and they say they're selling a lot of them, which i can't believe. watch how cool this is. you have all these choices of different types that you want. and we're going to go espresso -- all right.

>> what do you think, guys?

>> i think it might have been on the bitter setting.

>> really?

>> yeah, little bitter.

>> how much is it per cup?

>> wow.

>> and if you can't afford this, you can go to a mr. coffee that will make you a cappuccino for $200.

>> oh.

>> but this, you know, this is very cool.

>> i'm going to -- look at that.

>> look at that.

>> thank you so much. we're going to go run ten times around the block.