TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Blake Shelton: Shakira, Usher ‘did their homework’

“The Voice” judge Blake Shelton and host Carson Daly chat about the kickoff of the newest season of the hit show, reviewing some of their favorite performances from the premiere and talking about new judges Shakira and Usher.

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>> by the way, spring also means the return of "the voice" here on nbc. it premiered last night with two brand-new coaches and lots of excitement. host carson daly is back along with coach blake shelton to share their favorite moments from last night. guys, well-done. nice to see you.

>> thank you.

>> what was the opening performance like? you got up there with a new gang. how did it feel, blake?

>> it was really cool. i think it was the first time usher ever played base and sang live before. he was having a ball with that. they kind of leave it up for us to do whatever we want to do musically. adam always wants to play the drums so he can be the loudest.

>> shakira had a little harmonica.

>> i know, man. she's a rock star . rocking it out up there.

>> it's also one of the few things we can do on our show. we have these coaches who are four of the biggest artists on the planet earth . it's a big point of differential between us and the other shows, the fact that we can do these super group performances. so we like to do them as often as possible.

>> the performance of judith hill really kind of blew me away.

>> also how we ended the show tonight. she was michael jackson 's backup singer . the industry really looked at her and said it didn't feel right in the wake of michael's passing to capitalize on that. she waited, and now she's on "the voice" and looking for this to be her opportunity to make it. it's really proof in the pudding about this show and the level of talent that we get.

>> you guys all fell in love with that 16-year-old country singer that showed a little competition between the judges. she was amazing.

>> yeah, she is. she sang -- i don't know if y'all have the footage of it. but she sang a taylor swift song.

>> sing a little bit of it.

>> no. but she sang it. what's funny is i watched her sing it. it's hard to resell -- there she is there. hard to resell any taylor swift singles. after she sang it last night, i looked at itunes and her version of it was flying up the charts. it's hard to resell some of those songs that everybody on earth already owns. it's a testament to how competent these kids are.

>> how do you think the new judges are doing?

>> i think they suck.

>> there you go.

>> how's that sound? i think they're doing way better than adam and i expected. i mean, the first couple of auditions, we were sitting there like oh yeah, this is going to be easy. and you could tell they had done their homework. they knew what was up and they made it hard for us and embarrassing at times. we thought we had somebody won over just because we had been there longer. that wasn't the case at all.

>> he actually tried to convince me to be on team usher yesterday and did a really good job.

>> are you?

>> no, i'm a team blake.

>> he loves the one he's with, okay?

>> check it out tonight, 8:00, 7:00 central.