TODAY   |  March 23, 2013

Suspects arrested in Georgia baby killing

Police in Georgia continue to search for more details in a horrific shooting that killed a one-year-old boy. Two teenagers are now in custody, but police are saying very little about a motive. NBC’s Thanh Truong reports.

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>>> police in georgia meantime searching for clues this morning in a horrific shooting that killed a 1-year-old boy. two teens are in custody but investigators are saying very little about a motive.

>> reporter: the deadly shooting of a 1-year-old baby rocked the small town of brunswick.

>> we have two arrests of the persons who committed this horrendous act.

>> reporter: sherry west said two teens approached her as she approached her son in a stroller and demanded money.

>> i told him i didn't have any money. and he said give me your money or i'm going to kill you and i'm going to shoot your baby.

>> reporter: west said one of the suspects shot her near the ear and her leg and then did the unthinkable.

>> all of a sudden he walked over and shot my baby in the face. he must have died instantly.

>> reporter: several neighbors called 911. one man says he saw west just moments after the shooting.

>> she picked the baby up and laid it on the ground and started administer are cpr.

>> reporter: west was taken to the hospital with a minor leg wound. armed police went door to door searching for suspects and then late friday afternoon the police chief announced the arrests of two teenagers, one 14 years old, the other 17.

>> the charges are murder. first-degree murder.

>> both of them?

>> yes.

>> i'm relieved. i'm relieved that the man that shot my baby was caught and i hope that we will get a conviction.

>> reporter: as questions swirl around the case, one mother is dealing with the toughest question. why?