TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Extreme animals: Fennec fox, spider monkey

Animal expert Jeff Musial shows off five animals that each have a unique, extreme feature, including fennec foxes with extremely large ears, spider monkeys with very long arms and legs, and a skink that looks like it has two heads.

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>>> of the wild, getting up close and personal with animals from all over the world that go to the extremes. jeff, good morning.

>> good morning, how are you? i hear this is your first animal segment.

>> yeah, no big deal .

>> i've fallen in love already.

>> natalie's met the spider monkey .

>> bella she's beautiful spider monkey from south america or mexico.

>> and the reason it's called a spider monkey .

>> is because of those very long arms. i know she loves me. wants to come back.

>> she does love you. she's going to give you a hug.

>> what's up with the no thumb thing?

>> their fingers are double length of ours so the thumb would get in the way.

>> and a really long tail. they have prints.

>> yeah, sorry, i'm not getting fresh with you, but the tail there's a print on the end of it.

>> like a fingerprint.

>> and no monkey has two of the same.

>> that's bizarre, so cool. and really -- it works.

>> she wears a diaper because she has projectile poop, which is always fun.

>> you want to take her?

>> yeah, a couple times a day.

>> let's check out our next animal. anteater.

>> this is amazing. his name is slurpee.

>> anything projectile i should know about?

>> no. they do have about a 12-inch tongue, it's like a strand of spaghetti. they're called the stinker of the rain forest . for many reasons. one, because their body odor is kind of like a skunk, and number two, they --

>> go ahead. just get in there.

>> it works every time. it's like a skunky odor. but they also -- they toot a lot, if you will. so they're the stinkers of the rain forest .

>> do they make good pets baa uz they eat ants and termites.

>> it would be good if it worked out that way, but they're rare and you can't get your hands on them. you can't go to a local store.

>> plus they stink.

>> pretty stinky, these guys and sharp claws for grabbing on stuff, holding on.

>> are they usually this coloring too?

>> these are the northern mexican anteaters.

>> you're hilarious, you're like this, it's beautiful. no, that's okay.

>> you can get in there.

>> that's okay. i've been here a little bit longer than he has. now let's take a look at this.

>> these guys are awesome. come here.

>> does this do anything that smells or stinks?

>> they could take a small finger off, but you'll be fine.

>> they hate their smell. so we give them high-end dog cologne. they don't like their smell. look over here.

>> so they will rub up on other smells from objects.

>> fruits, vegetables, things like that, and they can eat venomous snakes. fruits, vegetables, pretty much amazing.

>> who are you wearing? whatever's at the dollar store . the question is what are you wearing? she likes to steal things too.

>> oh, great.

>> they're incredible little guys. from south america . up in the trees. like a north american raccoon, like our raccoons, but they're from south america .

>> and the extreme here being i would imagine the ears when you see these guys.

>> yeah, these are incredible. look at this. it looks like yoda met the taco bell dog .

>> can i touch? not going to bite my finger off?

>> yeah. i'm sorry. i had to break you in, it's the first show. i went light. i went easy. i went easy. sorry. i'm sorry.

>> it worked on me too.

>> i'm sorry for that.

>> very mean. they don't need water for their whole life?

>> no, they can live their entire life with no water, they get the moisture from the food they eat. if they get a bug in the wild or a piece of grass whatever, they'll get that moisture right out of that.

>> that's all they need.

>> these are incredible. it's called a shingleback. and its head, it's a lizard and the head looks like the tail. so if it folds up like this, animals walk up to it and it's like go ahead, pick a head, any head. and it's a carnival game here on the "today" show. if you grab the head, it's a dead lizard, if they grab the tail, he'll regrow another one.

>> thank you.

>> no problem. thank you, guys. i appreciate it.