TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Men and women vote: Ideal age is 31

The TODAY anchors, as well as Martha Stewart and E!’s Jason Kennedy, discuss the hot topics of the day, including a recent survey in which men and women both voted that the ideal age is 31.

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>>> natalie morales along with dylan dreier. and our special guest this morning, martha stewart decided to stick around and help us out this morning. we appreciate it. we always have fun with you on the take three. let's get right to it. we're celebrating a big birthday today.

>> i'm an early adopter. i was there the first day.

>> really?

>> yeah. and i love twitter. i think it's a great news medium. it keeps me in contact with the public and you can -- and you learn everything so fast on twitter.

>> i was very late in the process of embracing twitter.

>> how many followers?

>> i have no idea, 175,308.

>> you have me beat by over 100,000.

>> i'll be excited when i get to 12,700.

>> okay.

>> i'm new, just so you know.

>> i have over 2.7 million.

>> oh, no big deal . whoa.

>> and they're all great. and i try -- you know, i try to tweet about five minutes a day. i can do it whenever i think of it. i did it this morning from the "today" show.

>> from you, we always get great advice. let's tell people how it started. with jack dorsey the founder back in 2006 on march 21st , he sent out the tweet that said @jack, just setting up my twitter and launched a revolution. and to mark the occasion, twitter sent us some of our favorites. i guess some of our most re-tweeted tweets.

>> your is about the super bowl , right?

>> this was when i was in baltimore and i wrote -- i bet these @ravens fans can tweet louder than @alroker's 49ers fans. that was the friday before the super bowl . and then i'll just point out, of course, the ravens won.

>> did you keep that hat?

>> i do not have that hat. jason, you also had a good one.

>> yeah, we talk about justin bieber on e! news all the time. his birthday was a couple of weeks ago. i thought since we love justin bieber, why don't we make it a holiday and get the day off of work. and my bosses laughed at me.

>> people retweeted. they liked it.

>> i was happy with that.

>> dylan , when you joined nbc news, that was a big deal .

>> my most favorite tweet . i'd been keeping it secret for so long and it was finally, you know, we talk facebook official, twitter official and i got to announce i just was hired for the meteorologist for " weekend today ."

>> i love martha's tweet , this has been retweeted about 1,500 times.

>> i think i said don't use too much coriander in your meatballs in a national commercial. and people picked it up and then, of course, meatballs become other kind of balls. hello.

>> now, i didn't even know you put coriander in meatballs.

>> you can, it's a more north african kind of taste.

>> and i make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, what is coriander?

>> it's a spice.

>> smell that.

>> it's got a great smell.

>> i think you should --

>> it works every time.

>> and natalie, don't you think he should tweet a picture of this great suit. the outfit.

>> thank you. i appreciate it.

>> would you care to try the coriander meatball?

>> you kind of --

>> no, i would --

>> dylan , you want to try?

>> just a sprinkle, guys.

>> adds a moroccan middle eastern flavor.

>> little sprinkling.

>> and the other advice when it comes to meatballs or balls of any kind.

>> just be gentle with the formation of the meatball.

>> be gentle with the balls.

>> sensitive topic.

>> that's what she's saying.

>> were you surprised at how much love that tweet got?

>> no, because people are always looking for something that's a little humorous. and it's humorous the way it's presented in the commercial.

>> and any way they can twist martha stewart 's words around. let's get to our take two. i think a lot of people waiting to see this once again. tina fey reprising her sarah palin . and brought back the impression. take a look.

>> what about -- i know it's a touchy subject. same-sex marriage. what is your view on that?

>> well, the bible says it's gross.

>> no same-sex marriage?

>> hmm-hmm. marriage is meant for people who wear different kinds of swim suits .

>> what do you think of tina fey 's portrayal of you?

>> it's the best one i never watched.

>> never gets old.

>> she does that so well.

>> she jumps into it so easily.

>> i know, i love her as sarah palin . she's great. now, of course, she's a huge hit on "snl." doing that a lot in 2008 . tina fey has a new movie this weekend.

>> also lorne michaels ' doorman was the one that said tina fey looks like sarah palin . hope he got a good tip.

>> doorman always knows, that's what it comes down to.

>> so true.

>> let's talk about take three, and this is all about aging. and allure magazine conducted this poll, about 2,000 people responded. 1,000 men, 1,000 women about their belief about aging and revealed the results in their latest issue. now apparently according to the respondents, the ideal age is 31.

>> good age.

>> 31.

>> you're both 31.

>> yeah.

>> you haven't even experienced the better ages.

>> when did you feel your best?

>> the day i went public with my company sitting down on wall street ringing the bells. i was in my 50s.

>> wow.

>> and, you know, so rich.

>> dylan , we've got 20 more years.

>> there you go.

>> there you go. well, you know, i think when they talk about people who have aged gracefully along with martha stewart , you have george clooney at 51, meryl streep .

>> gorgeous people.

>> and they get better with age.

>> and meryl doing the acting jobs she's doing now even more spectacular than her earlier acting. i mean, it's amazing. she's incredible.

>> now, there's a difference between how men and women feel, i guess, when it comes to who looks best at what age. now, what men say a woman is at her most beautiful at 30 and a man apparently at his most handsome around 34. so jason, you still have a good three years to go?

>> three more years.

>> you should be treating yourself every single day.

>> i get facials every single day.

>> no tweeting.

>> oh, i thought you said treating. i'll be tweeting and treating myself.

>> it also gets into sex later on in life. if it gets better with age. martha, care to tell us how --

>> sex is good at any age.

>> if you're getting any.

>> and on that note.

>> and on that note. perfect.