TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Deaf woman weeps at hearing family for first time

Amy Barber, 26, who was born deaf, hears the voices of her family members for the first time thanks to a cochlear implant. NBC’s Natalie Morales reports on the touching YouTube video that has gone viral.

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>>> this touching story, a 26-year-old woman hearing the voices of her family for the very first time. natalie is here with the story, sounds terrific.

>> imagine going your whole life without being able to hear and all of a sudden getting the gift of hearing. amy barber was born deaf and after seeing the success stories of other patients she decided to try a cochlear implant .

>> you can hear my voice ? can you hear my voice ? these were the first few sounds amy barber has ever heard in her young life .

>> it's so different.

>> reporter: after 26 years she's hearing the voices of her parents and her 6-year-old son, blake, for the first time.

>> hi, mom.

>> you have to talk really loud.

>> hi mom.

>> yes.

>> amy had been deaf since her birth. at the time doctors had said the procedure to restore her hearing wouldn't work because of a neurological hearing loss . decades later they wanted to try again after a string of videos gave them hope. this video of sarah chumman hearing her own voice for the first time. she appeared on "today" with her husband in 2011 to share her experience.

>> this is all i've ever known for 29 years so the fear of the unknown and not knowing what it was going to sound like, was it going to be overwhelming.

>> she's trying to focus, she hears everything.

>> reporter: it went viral after appearing on readit.

>> are you happy?

>> reporter: sharing the sensation of amy 's newfound hearing.

>> amy 's family says she is doing phenomenally well. she's learning how to hear for the first time and she's also seeing a speech therapist twice a week to work on