TODAY   |  March 14, 2013

College students prank others into kissing them

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off a creative video by two students at Brigham Young University who held up a sign saying “Kiss Me I’m Irish” to entice passersby into giving them  smooches.

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>>> up cute videos to put you in a good mood.

>> two college students decided to put the phrase "kiss me, i'm irish" to the test. check it out.

>> just because i'm irish?

>> all right. thanks.

>> is this real?

>> this is real.

>> is this the real deal ?

>> i'm the real deal . right now, are you ready?

>> yup?

>> have a lucky day .

>> real quick, real quick.

>> i'm dating someone.

>> are you irish?

>> i am.

>> it was shot at brigham young , university. the lucky girl is --

>> oh, my god, there was tongue.

>> okay, i'm not sure --

>> well, and whoa!

>> she's still going with -- please say that's her boyfriend.

>> well?

>> it might be.

>> aw.

>> thank you. you want a lot of luck?

>> i have a test coming up.

>> wow.

>> i'm a little speechless right now.

>> i feel like there's a point where he's held on too long.

>> that only matters to the two people involved, doesn't it, sara in.

>> she got 82% of people to kiss her. justin got only 32%.

>> he only got 32. i think the girls are a little more tentative when a guy comes up.