TODAY   |  March 11, 2013

Hot weekend Google searches: Betty White, Bon Jovi

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg breaks down a few of the weekend’s hottest Google searches, including why so many people were searching for “Betty White”, “Bon Jovi”, and “Tibetan mastiff.”

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>>> weekend. dan yes, ma' daniel sieberg is here.

>> good morning.

>> they're not the number one searches.

>> think of this as getting the pulse of the internet. trending searches, people wanted to get more context, they were curious, wanted to learn more. we look at the period of time from late friday afternoon to last night at the moments in time we just wanted to share with people and this list is in no particular order.

>> this first one does not surprise me, what time is it.

>> a practical search, hopefully no one was late for work but people confirmed time had changed for daylight saving time . they searched current time, daylight saving time just to make sure yes it was the time they thought it was.

>> number two is tiger woods who had a big weekend .

>> he did, he won at the cadillac championship, his 76th pga title win. lot of people interested in his career. he's had some controversies, some injuries but still very much on people's minds.

>> topic three, bon jovi , who is out on tour.

>> new album "what about now" and people are following his career, the band's career. it may be a couple of things going on here, the younger generation who thinks who is bon jovi or what is this band all about and the fans who want to find out about this new song.

>> they liked the concert over the weekend.

>> that's right.

>> tibetan mastiff , feels a little random.

>> if you didn't know there was a chinese expo going on over the weekend, this is a popular breed of dog, they sell for upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes more than $1 million. you see a picture of it here. obviously it's a dog that gets a lot of attention, it's been compared to a lion, considered to be very loyal, used to be hunting dogs. for any dog lovers it's hard not to fall in love.

>> mother's day are people freaking out. is it in march?

>> mother's day celebrated not only in different parts of the world but different days so yesterday was mother's day in the uk, ireland, nigeria and bangladesh so folks want to make sure they were sending well wishes on the right day. may 12th for people who make sure they have the right day.

>> mother's day in the u.s. google technologist daniel sieberg great