TODAY   |  March 05, 2013

Tina Fey: End of ‘30 Rock’ hasn’t sunk in yet

The actress, writer, and producer talks about her new film, “Admission,” in which she plays a Princeton University admissions officer, and the finale of her show “30 Rock” saying it still feels like the show is on hiatus.

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>>> tina fey does it all. acting, writing, producing. and in her new movie "admission" she plays an admissions officer who finds out the applicant may or may not be the child she gave up for adoption and her maternal instincts kick in.

>> jeremiah, are you warm enough? do you have everything that you need? do you need a princeton sweatshirt or did you remember to bring your toothbrush?

>> i'm fine, thanks.

>> good. what is that?

>> diet soda .

>> diet soda ? why diet?

>> i like the taste better.

>> so do i. that's -- that's unbelievable.

>> tina fey , good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> when i first watched this movie, the thought that came into my mind was, would tina and amy ever host the oscars? i know. are you tired of answering that question?

>> no. i'm happy to continue to say, no, thank you.

>> is it just a terrible job?

>> it's so hard. it's super hard. for a woman, the amount of dresses you would have to try on and the amount of tricep dips, pathet pathetic.

>> you did the golden globes and basically are going around, collecting accolades from everybody. everybody thought you did great.

>> thank you.

>> was that something you would consider doing again?

>> that was super fun. ideally it was like, remember that time we did that? and we never did it again? we'll see.

>> let talk about "admission." paul rudd was here yesterday. by the way, have you seen his mustache?

>> no. oh, for "anchor man 2." let's see. there you go. do you like it?

>> compared to what?

>> well, i don't know.

>> sure, it's going to look great when he has a '70s suit on.

>> really complete the look. the movie is about the admissions process.

>> yes.

>> it really captures this kind of insanity. can you relate to that at all? were you the kind of person that wrote a million college essays and all that?

>> i was applying like, what, 1988 ? it's gotten crazier since then. i did apply to princeton because my mom had this dream that i would apply to princeton . i did not get in, correctly, rightfully on the part of princeton .

>> eat your heart out, princeton .

>> i think it's much harder now, kids really sweat it now.

>> kindergarten.

>> just trying to get a kid into kindergarten in new york city , college will be no big deal for my kids. they've got 50 states to choose from.

>> we talked about paul rudd . it would seem that you would know each other, travel in the same circles. in my mind it seems you would. but this is the first time you've worked together.

>> yes. we have a lot of mutual friends in common. when i heard i was doing the movie with paul, i texted amy poehler , he's going to be nice to me, right? he's not too cool for school. and she was like, he's so nice!

>> you do have the steamy shower scene.

>> my favorite part of this is when you shoot these, right below camera you have like a $2 bathing suit rolled down and a pair of jams and crocks.

>> it's not exactly as sexy as it looks?

>> it's exactly as it looks. i really liked the story. i thought it had a great human compelling story at the center. and i did think that that role of college admissions and how people lose their minds and how parents lose their minds trying to get their kids into one of four or five schools was something i hadn't seen before.

>> you play this character who is high strung , over-achiever. can you relate to that at all or is that just the feat of dramatic acting?

>> super dramatic acting. not since daniel day lewis has there been such a stretch as me playing someone overworked.

>> speaking of overworked or underworked, you just wrapped up " 30 rock ."

>> yes. can i thank everyone at the "today" show for the 50 times you were on " 30 rock "? you must have all this free time now.

>> we were all clamoring to get on.

>> you had a big scene.

>> it was very exciting. thank you. you blinked, you missed it. just to say you were there, it was very exciting. what have you been doing in this the post " 30 rock " world? you have all this time now.

>> yeah. although children eat your time so beautifully. i've been home more and i've been taking my kid to school and chasing the other one around and taking toy car wheels out of the mouth of the other one. she's constantly trying to eat p bottle caps and car wheels.

>> is it hard to step off the crazy train of doing a series every day and then not doing it anymore?

>> it's okay because right now it feels like we're on hiatus. come september i'll probably be walking out there in pajama pants and a coat like, where do i work?

>> you're always welcome here. as you can see, it's extremely comfortable.

>> extremely comfy couch.

>> and throw pillows. we find them very welcoming.

>> they smell like salmon, too.

>> our little secret. "admission" opens march 22nd . we're back after