TODAY   |  March 04, 2013

Top Google searches this weekend: Pizza, Kardashian

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg reveals some of the top Google searches from this past weekend, from Pizza Hut and Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, to Seussville, the website for Dr. Seuss’ books.

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>>> what were the top searches on google over the weekend? the answer gives us a glimpse of what's on your mind. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> we're not calling these top searches because that would, what, always be weather?

>> something people have already taught of. these are trending searches. think of it as a snapshot of what america was interested in over the weekend. they could have been curious about something, getting contacts. late friday afternoon until last night.

>> first one cracks me up. pizza hut .

>> people with pizza for breakfast this morning.

>> is it not every weekend? people aren't searching it?

>> we haven't seen this much of a spike since super bowl . not just pizza hut , domino's, papa john 's, no matter how you slice it. not just looking for pizza but ordering it online.

>> march photo challenge 2013 . i've never heard of t you hadn't either and you know this stuff.

>> this is interesting. popularity of smart phone cameras and passionate group of people who share photos online.

>> what is it?

>> different lists every month which has ticked over to march. take a picture of something different every day of the month. today could be take a picture of your morning beverage. tomorrow could be the sky. there's really interesting lists that people create. you can do it yourself or follow somebody else's list and share those pictures on social media .

>> another term we saw a lot of, seussville.

>> dr. seuss would have turned 109 years old on saturday. libraries and book stores across the country had readings to celebrate this. seuss vil seussville is the website you can go and play games and be interactiv interactive.

>> looking to see how she looks, if she starts to show, get a little bit bigger. my wife, also pregnant, by the way, discovered some blogs that were saying unflattering things about her maternity wear choices. some of them are rather interesting.

>> the internet was used to say something mean? i'm shocked. jack the giant slayer.

>> gigantic expectations. didn't live up to them even though it was the number one movie over the weekend. people may have been looking up to see what happened, why didn't it do so well but also to see where the movie was playing or read some reviews.

>> little insight on our crazy minds. daniel siebert , thank you very much.

>>> we are back with paul rudd after a check of your local news.