TODAY   |  February 08, 2013

Storm cancels more than 2,400 flights

Thousands of flights coming in and out of New York City and Boston are already canceled in preparation for the snow storm expected to hit later today, and NBC’s Erica Hill reports that airport officials are reporting a  large numbers of people waiting in lines.

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>>> of flights into and out of this region have been canceled. erica hill is at laguardia airport . erica, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning to you, matt. we are just starting to see those flakes here as well, large flakes that we can see outside the door in front of me. as you mentioned, thousands of flights canceled. three major airports in new york alone. boston into the mix and you really get a sense of how many people are affected. those flights carry people all over the country. we're looking at some of the numbers now. newark liberty airport , 275 flights canceled, here at laguardia, 219, another 163 at jfk and 140 in boston . more than 2,400 flights nationwide. as we take a look at the numbers in terms of cancellations, most have said that rechange fees, booking fees in many cases may be waived for you. check with your airline on that. that's the upside for you. i flew back from boston last night into new york and the lines -- everybody in the line was talking about whether or not they had tried to find their way on to a flight to get home sooner. the security line behind me actually wrapped around the wall and goes down the hallway. a woman i spoke with, who was directing everybody, said this is definitely more volume than they would normally see on a friday morning. that's because a number of people are trying to check in early. if you are headed for the airport, check with your airline first. check on your flight. we may recommend twitter. it tends to get you a lot of traction these days. savannah?

>> it's going to be a busy one there. erica, thank