TODAY   |  February 02, 2013

Does Taylor Swift’s Diet Coke deal send the wrong message?

This week singer Taylor Swift announced her new partnership with Diet Coke, and some say that the deal sets a terrible example to her young fans. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> turning now to one of the most popular singers in the world and her controversial endorsement deal. this week, taylor swift announced a new partnership with diet coke . and that is a deal some critics say sets a bad example for her millions of young fans. why? miguel with the story. she wears short skirts

>> reporter: at 23 years old, singing superstar taylor swift is a marketing dream.

>> taylor!

>> reporter: the idol's wholesome, squeaky clean image, makes swift a perfect pitchwoman.

>> we'll be making it official with one of the great loves of my life -- diet coke . we are never ever ever getting back together

>> reporter: after inking a major deal with diet coke , some don't buy what she's selling. lori david blogs for the " huffington post ."

>> frankly, i was horrified that taylor swift made a deal with diet coke . we're in the middle of an obesity epidemic and a diabetes epidemic in america. one in three kids are overweight or obese. and you know, one of the number-one culprits is soda.

>> reporter: after signing her deal with diet coke , swift released a short video announcing the joint venture but didn't respond to any criticism. our calls to her reps were not immediately returned. diet coke did, however, release a statement. "an overwhelming majority of people have voiced their support of the new partnership between taylor swift and diet coke , and we are committed to putting those fans at the forefront of everything we do together." swift certainly isn't the first mega-star to sign with a soft drink company. in the '80s, michael jackson teamed up with pepsi. you're the pepsi generation

>> reporter: more recently, so did pink and britney spears , laying the foundation for beyonce's reported $50 million deal with the cola company. you belong with me

>> reporter: some marketing experts say swift is different. appealing to a younger crowd.

>> michael jackson , beyonce, they've never put themselves out there as the positive dream, that you can do it if you try, there's no need to cheat, wholesome attitude and mentality that taylor swift projects.

>> reporter: swift may be under fire, but she remains widely popular, giving new meaning to the name " pop princess ."