TODAY   |  January 31, 2013

Tamron Hall: ‘I feel like I’m being played by Apple’

The TODAY anchors chat about the topics making headlines today, including BlackBerry’s new touchscreen phone, which Tamron says she’s tempted to buy instead of an iPhone.

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>>> blackberry overhaul. the new blackberry operating system is being released. you saw the chairman earlier with matt and savannah. the q10, still has that physical keyboard and z 10 that has the digital keyboard.

>> you like it?

>> i like the screen.

>> if you look at it, a lot like the iphone . same concept, you swipe around and get apps. what they've done for this new iteration for the blackberry. they improved the browser. that was a problem for a lot of people. great for e-mails but not so great to use the web. the question is if you've gone to iphoned and left blackberry, what's your incentive? because the concept is the same.

>> we're both on iphones after blackberry. and i feel i'm being played by apple and i have the iphone 5 and stood in line for every generation. that's my phone and i'm working it out. i'm steve jobs . i have been played. i'm really tired of hearing a new report about a new apple product, so it makes me kind of tempted. but i'm not buy iing any more iphones period. i'm done. i promise you i will not spend another dollar on an iphone . i will be 80 carrying an i- iphone 5.

>> i just got her off the rotary a few weeks ago. i think what's missing from the blackberry is that one thing that gives it the edge from the iphone , sort of equal and comparable with the technology. they've come up to the iphone standards.

>> is it faster?

>> no, it's not faster, all things equal but the prices are about the same.

>>> on the subject of the way we communicate. big piece on the front page of the " wall street journal " this morning, talking about the fact they don't teach cursive handwriting in schools anymore. a lot of school districts are getting rid of it. say we don't use it anymore, what's the point? we'd rather use that time teaching people how to use a board. question is, when is the last time you sat down not signing a check or wrote a sentence or paragraph incursive?

>> i keep a journal and have since third grade. i go back and tend to read what i wrote the day before. what was i thinking? what did i say? that's the only time i write. after years of being tortured in catholic school and hit over the head to have great penmanship, my handwriting is terrible.

>> let's test your cursive skills. what is yours?

>> mine is a marker. 92 mine is not. this is my message to you about my kicking.

>> chill will?

>> chill will meaning back off my cooking. you can see that clearly.

>> here's mine. you did that on purpose. you wanted to do this segment so you could show off your handwriting. that's beautiful penmanship. you misspelled sprout.

>> did i?

>> no, i'm kidding. just trying to get you back at something.

>> we will continue to enjoy the sweet smells.

>>> our take two is " 30 rock " signing off after seven seasons. the nbc hit is saying good-bye. tonight is the last episode. it was a cult hit , never quite had the ratings it probably deserved but it did so much for tina fey and especially alec baldwin , brought him back into our lives and tracy morgan , of course. we'll miss the show. were you a fan? did you watch it?

>> a huge fan of the show. it is one of these things you can think about how something can be critically acclaimed but the mass don't watch the show, much like the oscars, you think of all the films, that i don't know song number 99 and it makes $50 million but a movie like "both of the southern wild" makes a minimal amount. it's intriguing. i don't know what it says about critics and mainstream, this show is genius, no doubt.

>> we will miss it. the last show is tonight an hour special.

>> have a party planned?