TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

Mall gunman ID’d as families mourn victims

Police say they still don't know why 22-year old Jacob Tyler Roberts, who hadno criminal past, shot two people dead and injured a third before turning his gun on himself at an Oregon mall.  NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>>> we're learning more about the gunman who went on a deadly shooting spree inside that oregon mall crowded with shoppers. mike is in clackamas, oregon . good morning to you.

>> reporter: police say 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts entered the maul with plenty of ammo and hockey vest and no known motive but relatives and victims know who and what they lost.

>> a person was shot.

>> reporter: the mall was crowded. holiday shopping days dwindling down when suddenly, reports of gunfire.

>> so far looks like the area of the food court now. sounds like it may be an actual active shooter .

>> reporter: the active shooter , community dropout from portland, oreg oregon , and his facebook mentioned his likes, s is shooting. he didn't have a criminal past and they don't know why he opened fire tuesday.

>> we don't know the motive of the attack except to say there is no apparent relationship between the suspect and his victims.

>> reporter: who were the victims?

>> 54-year-old cindy ann, from a close-knit family remembered by her stepson.

>> everybody adored her, too nice.

>> and steven, entrepreneur and sports coach , a radio host .

>> reporter: he was a great friend and a person who always put others in front of him. he never put himself first.

>> and the injured 15-year-old, christina, who earlier survived a terrible auto rec and now survived a shooting followed by surgery.

>> reporter: we have to be very cautious. this is a serious wound by an assault rifle . she is still at risk for complications and infections.

>> witnesses say it's a miracle there weren't more victims. many in the crowd of shoppers using extra precious seconds to escape when the gunman's weapon jammed.

>> reporter: 10,000 people in the mall at one time kept a level head, they got themselves out of the mall. they helped others get out.

>> but by any calculation, any number of innocent shooting victims adds up to a tragedy. the hospice co-worker of cindy put it this way.

>> reporter: she spent her life helping other people transition to the end of life and her family never got to say good-bye.

>> finally, police say roberts turned his weapon on himself. his mother later issued a statement saying she had no understanding or explanation for her son's behavior. savannah.

>> reporter: