TODAY   |  December 12, 2012

Jamie Foxx: ‘Quentin Tarantino is a genius’

The Academy Award-winning actor talks about playing a slave turned bounty hunter working to free his wife in Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, “Django Unchained,” calling it the best script he’s ever read and joking about the “loud” suit he wears in a few scenes.

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>>> back now at 8:51 with oscar winner jamie foxx , playing a slave turned bounty hunter who partners with a mentor to rescue his wife from a brutal plantation owner.

>> i will call the man who killed another man and he didn't bat an eye. do you remember that?

>> of course i remember.

>> what you said was this is my world and in my world you've got to get dirty. so that's what i'm doing. i'm getting dirty.

>> jamie foxx , good morning to you.

>> good morning. i was reading that you said this was the greatest -- most incredible script you've read in all your life and i'm thinking you've read a few scripts.

>> yeah.

>> what attracted you to this?

>> first of all was convequentin tarrantino. and the script was just amazing. it was amazing to me for different reasons. it was set in slavery. it was western and everything like that, but the love story between deejay ango , this african-american man who wants to walk through high water and hell to get to his wife.

>> i have to say it's quite a feat. you managed to pull off a movie that is about slavery. it is also kind of a spaghetti western .

>> it is.

>> it's also kind of funny.

>> yeah.

>> it's also a love story .

>> yeah.

>> how did you do that?

>> quentin tarrantino is a genius. hot button issue. the way it landed, when you watch it play in front of an audience, it's amazing. it takes you to those moments that are dark and tough to watch but also comes out of nowhere that just makes the whole audience bubble up.

>> i was going to ask you about this. of course, this is tarrantino that sort of speaks for itself. this is not a christmas movie for the family. do you think there's a larger message to that, how raw it is at times?

>> well, i mean, you think about how tough it really was back then, it was even tougher. quentin tarrantino , that's what you want. this christmas is going to come in with a bang. to watch all these people that are friends of mine that have seen it, they knew it was quentin tarrantino going in. they prepared themselves but the movie plays like gang busters . it's a trip.

>> part of this is about revenge.

>> it is. and the thing about deejay ango , he's not trying to cure slavery. he doesn't want any collateral things. he just simply wants to be in love and married to his woman.

>> you hosted "saturday night live" over the weekend.

>> yeah.

>> some people raised some eyebrows at part of what you said. it was part of your monologue. you said your character gets to, quote, kill all the white people adding, how great is that? do you think the criticism is fair? how do you look back on it now?

>> i'm a comedian. i don't even know what to say.

>> back to the movie, we said it's a spaghetti western . is it like every guy's fantasy to be a cowboy?

>> oh, yeah. me coming from texas, of course. i used to spin plastic guns, everything like that, growing up. i get a chance to ride my own horse in the movie, things like that.

>> did you learn the flipping of the guns and the whole thing?

>> ride bare back on the other horse. to me it was like having so much fun. thinking about when you used to watch "bonanza." i even had on the green jacket .

>> can we talk about one of your outfits?

>> yeah.

>> blue boy .

>> your character in the movie pks out this get-up and i hear you're quite fond of it yourself.

>> here is a person who had been in chains and been in certain rags all his life and all of a sudden he gets a chance to pick something. he wanted to pick something loud. he wanted to let them know i'm coming.

>> mission accomplished on that. deejay ango in chains opens christmas day .