TODAY   |  November 23, 2012

Common mistake led to Tamron’s turkey disaster

“I think they hide that bag to really challenge you,” said Tamron Hall of the turkey giblets that almost wrecked Thanksgiving. The TODAY anchors weigh in on that and other topics, including the world’s worst shopping types and a daredevil caught on camera jumping from the second floor of a mall into a fountain.

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>> on stories having talking. adding our friend sarah haynes, got to see you.

>> good morning, guys. happy day after.

>> black friday, day after, depends on your perspective.

>> i'm not really a black friday girl, but yesterday i actually wanted to tell you guys about this new app called cinnamagram, it's half video and half vic pure and animates part of your picture and maybe we don't have that. here we go. wait, look at this. it will play over and over again. my sister and brother and i last night toasting. there's a funnier one of my brother and his boyfriend cutting the turkey.

>> wait?

>> that's a still photograph .

>> i'm in the picture when you take it but now it will keep replaying over and over again so that makes them still and me the video.

>> how do we know that's not you popping up and down.

>> i'm goofing around, but they animated just that part of the video, free app and it's awesome.

>> that was our thanksgiving.

>> make people cardboard cutouts basically and can you do whatever you want .

>> make whatever part animated. took a picture of the fire and burned through the still.

>> speaking of fire, i heard she caulked.

>> from you.

>> i'm trash talking , i messed up my meal but i'm not alone.

>> there's a service here in new york that help get lbgt homeless youth off the streets and into safe places and this was our group yesterday. i call this our dinner club because we have in the middle ally sheedy . that's her daughter on the far left, rebecca.

>> but you did cook. we kakd.

>> and one of our -- yams, beautiful sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top. well, this is what happened.

>> that's not bad.

>> some people like that.

>> toasted.

>> the trick is that if you have a stash of marshmallows that you haven't used yet, put them over top and put it back in and that's what we did so we concealed the damage and they were fantastic though.

>> can i say for my cake.

>> show the one good thing you did.

>> the one good thing i made. i made a coconut cake, my very first, from the barefoot contessa 's foolproof cook.

>> so it was foolproof.

>> i made that. that's real.

>> now what it tastes like.

>> i don't know what it tastes like. i'm all about the look.

>> back to the turkey, for a moment, if we could. how is your mother holding up?

>> i called my mother to check on her and she's not answered the phone.

>> have you called bellview?

>> that's my mom. went to the macy's parade. bit more than i can chew, is that the line? no pun intended.

>> that's my mom. so she did survifrks and thank you for your letters of concern.

>> tomorrow ron cooked her turkey with the plastic bag of innards inside.

>> there's a modern take.

>> i took out the neck and some other thingy.

>> you get sound effects .

>> and they tricked me and on purpose they hide that back to really challenge you.

>> no. that's not it at all.

>> okay. what's the next topic?

>> they challenged you. what's wrong with you?

>> take two, shoppers beware, a great list at a list to watch out for thanksgiving shopping. first is the strategist.

>> they have maps.

>> they have got maps.

>> and they bump into everyone.

>> those people look down and bump into everyone.

>> they have mapped out the store beforehand, a plan of attack and then you've got yourself the bin diver often found -- often found someone holding their ankles. this shopper will do the deepest darkest bin as they dive n.they have a friend of theirs holding on to their legs as they dive in.

>> yeah.

>> what could be so good. how about the -- the blind spot . now, this is a good one. a guy who has lost the field of vision and likely will trample you because they are holding a television or some other large object

>> i love that guy.

>> the moms of the year, bottom line here, do not get in the way of a mother shopping for her children.

>> heck no.

>> it's the momma bear thing. you don't want that. the social documentarian, don't be surprised if this shopper leaves the store empty-handed. they just want to capture the mayhem.

>> that's sarah.

>> i'm a bin diver, guys. don't want to mislee. i would be the ankle. if you go, go big.

>> what's in the bottom that you could want?

>> a deal.

>> a treasure.

>> that's why you go in head first.

>> someone's old gum, that's what you come up with.

>> i'd have to say i'm definitely more of a strategist.

>> really.

>> because i like to know what i'm going for.

>> do you use an app to strategize or gosh g --

>> old school.

>> got the schematics of the building at the big table like eisenhower. one more for you. take three, sandy's tour of the attraction, some people in new jersey say this is a little strange. the mayor of seaside heights , new jersey, wants to see if the roller coaster , become iconic as a symbol of what happened there in the jersey shore during hurricane sandy, the mayor says he might leave it right there in the surf and threat sit where the storm took it and make it, a quote, great tourist attraction .

>> so sad.

>> i've been there before and love this little boardwalk, but it looks like t"the planet of the apes " where it's underwater, creepy.

>> something is weird about a roller coaster in the water.

>> and you want to build it stronger and better and more fun so the people there can recover.

>> bring it back.

>> interesting as an art installation .

>> save a piece of it the way they saved a piece of the world trade