TODAY   |  October 10, 2012

Do you burn more calories sleeping or watching TV?

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Ferstrom, test viewer’s knowledge about healthy eating, such as whether a whole wheat bagel or chocolate frosted donut has fewer calories and if sleeping or watching TV will help you lose more weight.

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know is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains.

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>> and we are back with more of today on this winesday wednesday. ready to play who knew? in honor of nbc universal 's healthy week about to find out if you are in tip-top shape. kathie lee is at the nbc experience store, hand out $100 to those who get the answers right f they don't, a kathie lee cd. imagine that here is ms. madeleine turn strom , "today" diet and nutrition editor. are we ready? go ahead.

>> lovely lady from bridgeport, connecticut, true or false, you burn mor calories when you're asleep than when you're awake and watching tv ?

>> true. [ ding ]

>> really? 100 bucks. okay. tell us, tell us, how much do you burn?

>> you're going to burn twice as much when you're asleeps when watching tv , about 25 calories an hour watching tv .

>> why?

>> because sleep is actually active it is a state of active sleep. people thrash around. you know that feeling. so people -- you burn calories like that. twice as much when you are sleeping. don't call it couch potato for nothing.

>> back across to kath.

>> student on a school trip from roester, which of these foods has more calories, a chocolate frosted denut or a whole wheat bagel?

>> chocolate frosted doughnut?

>> thesere tricky. you got watch madeleine turn strom .

>> this seems czy, a bagel has more than a sweet doughnut.

>> the dough smut smaller, 270 calories, the bagel, bigger, bagels the size of your head, 350 calories without cream cheese or butter. up in are good choice. august about going smaller.

>> you can get the flagles.

>> she asked if she could look at the answer.

>> no. she is ao from rochester. okay. of the following four drinks, which has the most sugar? remember, madeleinesking this, mite maid cranberry grapes, coke, mountain due or snapple tea?

>> um, i'm going to go with mountain dew ? [ buzzer ]

>> oh. that's all right. everyone has a story.

>> you are fooling everyone. okay. so the juices are really packed with the calories.

>> 100% juice , juice full of sugar around the cran grape you eight-ounce serving, ten teaspoons of sugar. the soda and the snapple are mo party either,ix or seven teaspoons, all high in sugar park the juice is always going to have it don't be fool 13w50id 00% juice.

>> you water it down?

>> the best thing to do if you like real juice, water it down, half and half .

>> back across to kathy.

>> lady long way from home, roseville, california, welcome enough. eat two scoops of ice cream , about how long would you have to walk to burn off the calories? one hour, two hours, three hours or five hours. of course, it doesn't say what kind of ice cream . what do you think?

>> i'm going to say five hours? [ buzzer ]

>> and you would be wrong from roseville, california.

>> well. but hopefully --

>> okay. all right. so the correct answe here is two hours.

>> yeah. it is going to be two hours 'cause two scoops is about 300 each. taking a moderate walk, take you a couple hours to do that not a bad thing. if you want to enjoy it take that walk. remember, there's some payoff for eating that indulgence or have one scoop, only have to walk for an hour.

>> yeah. back across.

>> visiting from the beautiful town of chattanooga, we all want to satisfy our sweet tooth , especially hoda. of the following two items, which has less calories, nine hershey's kisses or one regular size nestle's crunch bar ?

>> a. nine hershey kisses . being ding ]

>> those are so good. and you get nine.

>> and you get nine of them. sometimes people think, that's so many, but a nestle's crunch, one big bar , 220, not a huge difference but nice to have nine to choose from. you know that serving, that's win.

>> madeleine turn strom , so are