TODAY   |  September 28, 2012

Pilot proposes during emergency stunt

Pilot Ryan Thompson tricked his girlfriend into thinking their plane was about to crash as they were flying over Chicago. When he asked her  to read the emergency procedure, he pulled a  ring from his pocket and proposed. NBC’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>>> and love is in the air , but would you say yes to a proposal like this? pilot ryan thompson tricked his girlfriend into believing their plane was about to crash, as they flew over chicago. as co-pilot he asked her to then read the emergency procedure . so ryan initiated the ring engagement procedure by pulling the ring from his question and popping the question. she said yes, but then she did have a question of her own. was there really an emergency? and even when she learned it was all a stunt, she didn't take back her yes. wish them a long, long and happy life together.

>> no kidding.

>> back over to savannah and willie. boy, she's got to have a sense of humor.

>> why do i think we're not going to see a flood of marriage proposals that go like that.

>> i used to --

>> not the way to go.

>> i used to think the proposal on the scoreboard was the worst way to do it. we have a new